African is the second largest cryptocurrency country in the world that has the capacity and durability of mass adaption of market after china  not just because of his population but for various factors that coming with under developing processing in every under develop world, african i think we need blockchain technology more most in the political sector or government

Blockchain technology came at the point when younger folk’s has believe and trust in what the future brings, the true is that money is the blood system of any strong and develop system or countries, African nation among others nations of the world need it more both in private and government sector

I believe we have missed the first internet invention we also have miss the earliest IBM technology system too but we can’t effort to miss the present Blockchain technology that also has a financial freedom ability and time changing, African population only is one of the strong fact for market speed


i stand to be corrected based on my personal research about blockchain invention is more powerful them the tokenzition process of the cryptocurrency itself or decentralization aspect of the crypto ecosystem, imagine have a system that can solve the issue of transparency, misplacement of data, equity process and yet comes with tokenization value, the blockchain has a strength that could bring world positive change both private and government sector


African stand to have more cryptocurrency market adaption not just because of it population but the fast growing acceptability of blockchain technology  advancement and also looking at the money policy in  African banks industry, while the blockchain has a lot of financial freedom for individual who can comprehend the movement or the revolution of the second generation of internet the bitcoin and blockchain has brought. one of the things cryptocurrency does is that you can live in any country without have any physical account uncontrollable by the Government of the nation, this simple fact of financial freedom only give most developing countries and Africans nations are enjoying most, yet most people alway ask me funny questions like So what’s the point of ‘digital money’ when we already have our secured bank accounts with credit/debit cards, bills and PayPal accounts… making our lives easy? my answer to them is that since most people believe or calls it ponzi just lets me enjoy it tine could tell better

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  1. Mosun Omotunde

    Very true @Japfive. I agree that Africa indeed has an incredibly large populace eager for the life changing possibilities available on the blockchain. The awareness levels are already increasing exponentially and mass adoption is already in progress. Thanks for this bruv!

  2. Scarlet

    I agree. Africa has the largest crypto market after China. We should even be the overall largest but for a high level of illiteracy. If more Africans can be enlightened on the benefits of blockchain technology, we will beat the Asians!