Receive Income for Staking Voting and Hodling EOS

What an interesting proposal from the readings from

What we must know about EOS: (Check)

(1) We Activated Our Account on EOS mainnet

(2) We Voted for 21 BPs (or less)

(3) We Understand how to Use Our Key Pairs (Owner & Active) and How to Change Them

(4) We Understand Staking and Unstaking and What It Means

(5) We Understand RAM, CPU & Bandwidth

6. Now the proposed REX , SEOS & EOS

We can now be in a rich environment in the EOS system as EOS HODLR by:

Lending Tokens

A EOS holder can lend their tokens to the Resource Exchange and will receive REX tokens for their EOS at the current book value of the Resource Exchange. The REX will generate fees by lending the EOS which will increase the book value. At any time the holder of REX tokens can convert REX back to EOS at book value.

In addition to earning fees for renting CPU and NET resources, we propose the fees from RAM trading, name auctions, and any other resource offered by the EOSIO chain will be added to the books of the REX. This will cause the rewards from network operation to accrue to REX holders (staked EOS holders) and generate an effective reward for holding EOS for at least 30 days (the rental period).

Borrowing Stake Tokens

For every EOS contributed to the books of the REX a number of Staked EOS tokens (SEOS) is created. The SEOS and EOS are deposited into two connectors of a Bancor Relay. The initial number of SEOS per EOS created is 1 to 1. From this point traders can buy and sell SEOS for EOS with a small trading fee (e.g. 0.5%).

Trading SEOS and EOS

The creation of the SEOS / EOS market will enable speculators to set the interest rate for 30 day of delegated CPU or NET bandwidth. Speculators make money by accurately predicting future price movements and help inform the network of the proper rental rates. The network and REX holders profit from this trading volume in addition to the rental fees.


This proposal will lower the cost of using the EOS network and decouple cost of CPU and NET use from capital appriciation/loss of EOS. It will make EOS usable by people who do not want to have high exposure to EOS price volatility and it will create incentives to participate in the governance of the EOS network.

Simply “Wow, EOS! You are Amazing!!”

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