Thank you Tom Norwood on your contribution on How (and Why) to Vote for EOS Block Producers.

EOS arbitration forum is now live. A way of resolving disputes with the help of the community – a libertarian Austrian economic way of trusting people to help themselves without/limited intervention of world governments.

This facility can minimize phishing scams and reverse accidental token transfers to wrong addresses.

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Yes, I am very amazed how things moved in the EOS Community. Governance is what the EOS Community must have, and that is one of the main reasons why I join EOS Community in Part 1.

If I am an investor, how am I assured that scams, frauds and thefts would not happen in the crpto space. The human spirit of freedom does not mean the right to deceive, commit crime, to steal away human intellective properties (financial also). We work together with our talents and goodwill for the better EOS Community. Inherently, we are good. Greeds, dishonesty and destruction to human endeavour is not desirable for the common good of what this EOS Community is all about.

I agreed with Tom Norwood, everyone in the EOS Community must vote for the Block Producers (BPs). Whom should I vote? I have found out several Block Producers that have been working on EOS arbitration and EOS governance.

There are other issues which Block Producers (BPs) can address your desire why you join the EOS Community. For example, the need for Hard Wallet instead of paper-based, web-based to store your new EOS tokens. Yes, Thank you Tom Norwood on your contribution on Hardware Cold Wallet for EOS.

When I use chrome extension Scatter, I expect security to ensure my private password is never compromised in my wallet. Yes, once I locked my private password, it is never unlocked. I even registered with Scatter a NAME. This is important because when I transact in the EOS Community, I want an assurance of trust to my privacy. I am happy to know that Scatter will allow token holders to use it to vote through the wallet because I have a hands-on tutorials and practice on demo sites. 

The EOS Community provides everyone a Crpto Learning Space, and thank you for allowing me to create my first Crpto Space on learning and expression of free speech without have a ICO so that I can create a niche (content site) as I have mentioned in Part 1.

Governance and Arbitration, Consensus and Stability, Security and Trust, Freedom to Privacy and Learning are my main reasons why I join EOS Community in Part 1. What would be your reasons for joining EOS Community? Express here or Vote for the BPs with your heart and soul. I am glad I have joined the EOS Community. Have you?

In Part 4, EOS Mainnet Launch.

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