Interesting reading from “The Market will not recover the way you want it to”

Yes, I started as an Investor and Trader in 2018. I was then for the greed and the purpose for making profits (undesired losses). I now believed in the blockchain technology. I believed in the reward for participating in the EOS network, and so I join the EOS Community.

Yes, I was affected by the Bear Market, due to Hacks of CryptoCurrencies (thefts, frauds, scams) and in Part 1, I shared and declared that as a victim, I advocated a strong governance and arbitration resolution in the Cyber Space.

Yes, I believed that cryptocurrency as just a replacement for fiat (its original purpose). I agreed EOS as a crypto currency has a long way to go both in technology and in mass use case. 

Can EOS be stablized as Stable Coin which supposed to be protection against hyper-inflation just like fiat currency? I believe it can and it will. Eventually, the Fiat Community, Financial Regulators, and the Mass Public has accepted the Stable Coin, for mutual tokenized transaction for the new Internet which it is going to be active, interactive, vibrant and becoming a participating Community for the Goodness.

Participate in the development or if you lack the skills/knowledge is what you must expect in EOS Community. Voting is part of the willingness to participate in the that development. Have you voted?

Until, we are rid the other world of price manipulation and frauds, thefts, deceits, whales, pump and dump, every new day in the EOS Community, the virtue of Good Nation must always prevail, as essence in the same reasons why I join the EOS Community in my reflection in 2018:

“I come in contact with 3 kinds of people in my life, and these can be categorized into 3 different groups: People who want to see Crypto succeed, people who don’t, and people who don’t care about Crypto.

I was part of the initial group at first, and now I’ve come to realized that in order for Crypto to succeed, we cannot exclude the people who don’t care, and the people who don’t want Crypto to succeed. They are an integral part of how Crypto is going to make it in this world, and we cannot ignore them. We cannot be an elitist club of people who think ourselves as a Master-race that will eventually trump all.”

Yes, we are not here in the EOS Community merely to stablize Currency Coin so that we can profit and join the Moons-race that will eventually triumph over all other Platforms. We are here to be a Witness to All that We dare to change (launch our MainNet), participate to learn and develop, help each other, even if “The Market will not recover the way you want it to.” 

Our rewards are community contributions of tokens (free airdrops). Even if I have gained few thousands of tokens from free airdrops and if I have gained tokens at trybe with my contribution, does that make me rich (as Trader and Investor with extrinsic value) or does it make me want to see EOS Community succeed (as Believer of Great Nation with intrinsic value)?

Part 8: Blockchains

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