Since the day when I started Trybe from “Why I Join the EOS Community Part 1”, I shared my experiences from the days of the I left and packed from the Eth and N Communities, and till now, I have arrived into coming 100 days of joining the EOS Community, I would be like some that wished that…what if I have SOLD, HOLD and WAIT, SELL and WAIT, SELL and BUY, SELL and SELL EOS. I would have profit (or cut loss) or averaging (buy low and lower).

“EOS is a blockchain and a smart contract platform that will directly compete with Ethereum”, so are every Alt Coins including the N and many other Communities which I revisited in the past days in August.

Taking into account on my past investments in the Eth and N Community ICOs with projects promised…all down-under, mostly penny value to the nearest 0.0001 ETH. The promise of  some new mainnets became a washout or nightmare, such as wallets not able to support and the lack of Dapps to support the mainnet. Yes, staked coins with dividends are driven by mess utility activities for the tokens, but where are the activities if there are no real buyers because sellers have packed left and forgotten.

On the other hand, EOS has made tremendous progression, as a community. Yes, constitution governance to make sure that if there are scams or thefts or collusion between any member of the community including the BPs, blow that whistle, loudly with horns, to remind us that, all members (citizens) of the EOS Nation are vigilante and because we dared to care for one another.

Taking into account my investment in the EOS Community, I must admint accounting in intrinsic value exceeds the extrinsic value. Prior to the launch of the EOS mainnet, the price you paid then is half the price today. I am still a HOLDer, BUY and BUY in recent days because there are many Dapps Communities who are sprouting little children, they want and need your attention, their needs for them is to nurture and grow with them, they need to see you in their communities, and journey with them of being the Fastest Blockchain for all Crpto World, they created Games to Play (free and speculate). Yes, we did have an RAM crunch, and still we have Staked token issues to VOTE. Unique one including HR needs  and even breakthrough Medical needs like eDNA, revolutionary because this is your ID of your heritage and birth, and many more. I look forward to more EOS DApps.

Yes, Bears, Bulls, Bears, Bulls, Bears, Boo to all…so where are we going to be?

Become a Learned Tribe in EOS, join us, you shall hear our stories or learn the Community Knowledge of How, What, When, and of course, be a Community Member of TRYBE.

In closing, may I wish TRYBE all the best for the successful Airdrop coming soon. Thank you for allowing me and I am very forever grateful.



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  1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

    Staking of tokens, I have done with other tokens in other communities. It is “delayed” on your holding and utility of tokens if you really don’t need such as buying or selling. Dividends must be paid accordingly for “renting” for the period of “delaying” of holding and utility. This can be passive income for those just like in a fixed deposit (CD).

    Scams, if there is no binding contract of “claims”. EOS rightfully must develop this staking feature not only in its Token but also for all dApps. EOS Dapps could be made more attractive for Airdrops. Already, Scatter has already built-in features soon for staking of tokens, for example eDNA, they shall announce how eDNA can be staked for the purpose of using DNA sample for future research, and reward those for “delayed” in holding or utility of their tokens. Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly – pick your scheme.

    In the real world, opening an account for trading, or even dividend stocks or for speculation, transaction and administration is cost component. if EOS can establish its own financial capability independent freedom with decentralization exchange for us with low transaction cost with RAM for more worthy Dapp development and more Airdrops.

    You can see why the financial world is threatened because Blockchain of EOS beats all in financial transactions: Fastest, Secured, Trust, and importantly with Governance so that, nobody benefits and be taken advantage by Scams.

    Look forward, our future is with EOS with #1.

  2. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

    Updated development on “Already, Scatter has already built-in features soon for staking of tokens” how to provide security against scams : Scatter’s Reputation & Identity Layer ( RIDL ) aims to provide security against scams and malicious actors right from within Scatter, meaning before you provide your Identity or Sign a transaction you will be warned about interacting with entities that have bad reputations.