Why I join the EOS Community Part 1?

24 hours prior to the launch of the new EOS, I had invested in another platform which I will called it N.

In order for me to participate in ICO, I had to install a chrome settings which allow me to send and receive (purchase) N tokens so that I can subscribe. Because I followed the instruction, I had an unpleasant surprise that in the next 6 hours, I had all my tokens “stolen”. From my review of the chrome settings, same situation happened 2 weeks ago, was reported but never being taken any action. I wished that the N community can fight for my theft, but there is no constitution, no governance, and if that can be reported and appealed say in a community court, if there could be a reversal of transfer – that is, from the theft of the stolen coins, returned to the victim of the theft as decided in a community court, that will be great.

I was late to know about EOS when it started its ICO. I had taken an interest only in the last 10 days, before I committed to the belief that, ICO can be decided upon if the community rates and values (intrinsic) that the product or development has lived up to the expectation of all communities. Rewards will be token price determined by the demand of the Community.

I like the free airdrop of tokens in EOS, instead of the ICOs which I have to pay first, and ready to be scammed with a price that is decided later vs BTC or ETH and especially dumping early by ignorant investors.

I had a similar ICO in N Community (learning content) – to create a learning niche and write content to enrich the community. In the ICO, token holder during ICO can decide to own a niche (or bid) at say with 60 ICO token price without knowing how was going to be happening, would there be a demand after all. To make things worst, when the tokens were listed, it was dumped at the ICO price which was at 90% discounted vs ETH, and that that must be painful for the early investors who had paid the price to set up the niches, but was later called dumb assholes by new token investors for silly taking part in the ICOs.

Here at the EOS Community, I do not need to own a niche with any price to be paid first or bid for it. I do not need to participate in any ICO. I just simply write my content, free with my spirit of expression.

Yes, I hope I have arrived to a new crypto space where there is something called human decency and talent, value in human endeavor and of course, the desire to strive for a better world. Yes, I have withdrawn from a very unpleasant crpto space, and that is why I join the EOS Community.

Yes, the dawn of the ugly of the ETH and BTC and N world (my last supper) where there is evidence of no boundary of human decency, just full of greeds and mere robbing of human talents, intelligence and financial properties.

Yes, let us reach for the Moon (profit), but isn’t crpto space or Community can be a made better place for all with less scams, frauds, thefts and to be acceptable by the normal business Community which also consider all here as belonging to the “dark side”, a place where “laundering” of money, nameless with sleazy background ponders everyone else?

I am leaving the crypto space of deceits, betrayals, lies, scams, robbers, frauds, and ICOs who promise the moon with mere whiteshitty timeline, and exchanges for listing the ICOs, merely thrown willingly into sharks awaiting non-informed investors like me, gobbled up into crypto black shitty hole. How I wish there is a stable coin that can be independent from BTC and ETH with oceans of Dump and Pump by the Whales. Is there a stable coin somewhere?

In part 2, I shall share on the experiences in ICOs vs Free Tokens (EOS), is it a scam or marketing hype?

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