I didn’t know how to write poetry as I was new,

only 1 year in the poetry game so no shame,

many a day after writing I was feeling blue,

I thought I was stupid and everybody was to blame.

Met amazing people here and their care is free,

apparently it’s a rhyming thing or not,

it was driving me up the bloody tree,

thanks to all the positive input I got.

I now know more or less what is required,

I tried “Monoku” oh my, what a mess I made,

struggling to write at work almost got fired,

I was so embarrassed, under my desk I laid.

I tried to write a “Haiku”, I can’t even say the word,

but nevertheless I tried, what a load of pooh,

valuable comments but almost meant how absurd,

I know why poets go crazy, and what they go through

I tried to write a “Kimo”, hey whatever,

what the hell is that supposed to mean,

but stuck to my guns and did endeavour,

produced what I thought was clever and clean.

I tried to write a “Verse”, was told to call it that,

submitted to contest, no comments, but N/A, again,

like I was talking to a stranger and saying sorry you just spat,

re-looked at my poems, I’m too stupid to give up and I’m vain.

I tried to write a “Sonnet” about my new sweetheart,

apparently it has only fourteen lines and limited syllables,

took so long she almost left me with a new broken heart,

no fuel in my car, and all the McDonald bills.

I tried to write a “limerick” an apparent popular form,

this is supposed to be funny have rhythm and rhyme,

previously for me anything that rhymed was the norm,

for that my English teacher should be smacked for his crime.

Finally I realised that it’s not just poetry but expressing life,

all you appreciate, love, what you find funny or even hate,

your inner feelings, emotions, caring and your strife,

the special people on TRYBE that help and patiently rate.

Now I do endure to write, and appreciate all and thank all,

for their positive input and commenting and up-voting,

If my poem does not make it in any way or at all,

I don’t care because I am learning and will continue patiently.

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you Workin, thanks for always reading and commenting, much appreciate it. Its not creativity its called a paranoid person about to explode that needs to write poetry to express and release the energy, LOL
      Nah just kidding, I wish had your TA creativity then I wouldn’t be so paranoid about which way we are going in the market 🙂
      Mark (Zeus69)