This being my first post on Trybe I thought I’d introduce my self and explain a little about why I’m interested in this space.

First me. I just happen to be the taller and better looking twin of Cryptoslice. I have an accounting background, but having sold my little practice a few years ago i’m currently working as a support worker. I play basketball, scuba dive and of course support the 2018 premiership west coast eagles.

My interest in this platform and the crypto space comes from my interest in how money works and what role it plays in society. I probably should have majored in economics instead of accounting. anyway my interest in the function of money started well before I knew anything about crypto. My curiosity eventually lead me to learn how money is actually created and how the power to control money has such a huge impact on everything from economics to politics to health care.  There is a Doc on YouTube that perfectly explores and explains how the system works as well as offering a solution. There are 2 versions, one just looks at how money is created from debt and its impacts, there other looks more broadly and in more detail. I believe that HERE JUST ISN’T A MORE IMPORTANT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE than this one.

I also have a second facination which I think is poorly understood or at least very underestimated in the general population that is to do with incentive and the power of understanding its impact. I’ll write up another post on that and how its relates to this space as well as every other part of life to some degree.

That’s all from me for now. I would love to hear from anyone who has watched 97% owned and how some of their solutions might be able to be integrated with the opportunities that crypto has created.

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      1. CryptosDecrypted

        Grim – so much debt at the behest of the banks. Money from thin air with no scarcity nor any incentive to allow scarcity or monetary prudence. Australia one of the worst off in this regard. Makes me love Bitcoin even more – long-haul hold and ignore the media fear mongering. Financial life for ordinary people is a wee bit of a scam, isn’t it?

        We’ll get you next year! Twas a great final all the same.