Note: I wrote this earlier today before the market completely fell apart. I don’t have much to say about that though. Keep in mind that the crypto currency market is 99% speculation. If we were to measure the market cap only after actual use case TODAY, the total mcap would be something like 1B. And EOS would have a 95% market share. To be honest, I don’t give a shit what happens to the market. Let’s just go with the flow and continue to stay up to date and make moves where actual adoption and creation happens. 


Aren’t you as well a little bit tired of the “we’re early days” cliche? Some people ask me, “are we really that early days, shouldn’t we be moving faster?” And the answer to that is “not really.”

I do, and so do you most likely, have friends and connections who are into crypto. Most of the people I know aren’t, even though lately I’ve seen many Initative Q links on Facebook where I try to warn them and tell them that Initative Q is not crypto nor Blockchain and they want your email. I don’t have to explain to you guys here on Trybe why that is bad. If there is no product, YOU are the product. Email lists are extremely valuable. (So at least sign up with a fake one!)

Anyway, so most people are unaware of whats going on here, especially the direction EOS is going. Most people might have heard about Bitcoin, but very few realise which problems Blockchain solves. And even fewer realise or have even heard about the fact that EOS solves problems within the Blockchain space. Very very few people are aware of the Bitcoin fork and why it happened, scaling issues, Ethereum, ICO’s, airdrops, airgrabs and all of that. Almost no one are aware.

And many within this space still ask “shouldn’t there be more utility to blockchain. When this and when that?” but Rome was not built in a day. Internet was not built in a year. Developers needs to learn how everything works. It’s not just “create game, implement smart contract and GO!” We are taking the nessescary baby steps and gambling dapps are very simplistic in their nature. Slots, dice and Blackjack are simple games that are easy to structure. Getting p2p like texas holdem is more difficult, but we will get there within a few months. Games are even more difficult. Eosknights is a pioneer project, but it is very simplistic as there is no real graphics and only a few actions that are automated. But as a game developer you have to consider many things.’d probably have to build the game from scratch and that takes time and money. You’d have to figure out where to implement smart contracts and transactions on chain. Should EVERY move in the game be a transaction? If not, are there any pitfalls? Should ALL items and resources be scarce and a smart contract, or just some, like uniques and legendaries? What about loot? Death? What about exploration, caves, dungeons, land ownership? I know that some people are working on the ideas and trust me, it will come. But we need to be patient. Right now we are like humans when they started walking on two legs, or discovered fire or something. We have this incredible tool, our hands perhaps..(I’m not great with metaphors) but we can’t build a car right away. We have to built a straw hut, then someone might discover how to make clay. Then concrete, then bricks etc.

Think back to the Internet. It feels like a short time, but I was only 11 years old when the Internet came. No one had any idea what to do with it. I remember getting it very early because my dad worked with computers a lot. Now, games weren’t THAT bad. Because gaming consoles and gaming existed before Internet. So I had been playing games like Wolfenstein 3D a year before Internet as well as Larry, Police Quest, Lucas Arts games etc. These were pretty good games. But we are not comparing gaming to Blockchain, because if we were to I guess we are in the early 70s. Atari and Pong came out in 1972. So me playing Wolfenstein 3D and Indiana Jones is 20 years later. With Internet I remember dialing up to a colleague of my dad with the modem, and playing Command and Conquer. Now, this is one of my first memories of the Internet, and checking when this game came out, it was in 1995. But this was a horrible experience. The lagging etc. It would take a few more years before the MMORPG’s came out with Ultima Online in 1997. I didnt play that, and I don’t think online gaming really took of mainstream until WOW in 2004. That is 10 years later.

It is hard to compare, but once things get traction, they happen quick. The concept of the Internet has been around since the 50s, and it has been worked on and improved until it finally hit the masses in 1992-93. With Blockchain it has been the opposite way around. It was open source and it was made available to everyone in 2008. So we should see quicker growth. But smart contracts were not available until 2014 with Ethereum. And when you check out the blockchain based games and the guess is that we are in the mid/late 70s. We’re playing Pong and a few select people have heard about Arpanet and the ideas of the Internet. Bands like Kraftwerk is popping up and Pink Floyd uses electronic elements in their songs. That’s where I believe we are now. Now, the 80s is just around the corner and the Commodore 64 and Atari and Nintendo were huge game changers if we compare with gaming. If we compare to the Internet I would say we are in the beginning before Command and Conquer. We are in 1993. There are some porn sites and you can chat. And people laugh about the Internet and asks “who is going to use this crap?”

Fast forward 25 years, and the Internet is STILL evolving every day. Everyone uses it. It’s everything. Its how we communicate and its how we run businesses etc. But there is a big problem with it, and that is that it is not secure and private, and for that we need decentralisation. Blockchain is giving the power back to the people – and ironically people don’t see a good thing when it happens to them. Finally we can break free of the chains, but people are reluctant. It’s hard to leave your masters. They do after all provide some safety. When slavery was abolished (in the West at least) many slaves had no idea of what to do. Life as a free person was even harder. Many forget that the life of the “free” irish and italian road workers was probably even harder than those of the slaves at the time. Freedom is hard. Many slaves returned to their former owners and continued to work for them.

So I see friends who are still waiting for Coinmarketcap to moon. They wait for the next bullrun. I’ve been telling them for months that they don’t have to wait, because it’s all ready happening inside EOS. But they just refuse to accept that. Eventually they will though, because they are the people who always lag a little bit behind the innovators and the pioneers. That’s OK..they’re not doing too shabby. And they are the people we need in this space. Eventually they will show up a bit late to the party, and we should be happy that the party is not ending any time soon. We showed up a bit too early, and many are constantly nagging the host about “won’t there be more people here?” When are they showing up? Is it only me? Why am I still sober?”

We’ve gone from Cryptokitties congesting the ETH network with 500 daily users to EOS completely revolutionising the Gambling industry and attracting 40-50k daily users in a MONTH! If anything, I’d say slow down a bit.

And please keep in mind that even though things go faster now than 30 years ago, it still takes time. And what has really happened with Internet the past 20 years? Sure it has disrupted shopping and the way we use banks. We use our phone for public transportation tickets, we chat instead of call, linear TV is being switched out for Netflix and HBO, and computer games are more social. But most people still shop groceries at the mall. Many people still watch linear TV and people still read analog books before they sleep.

Blockchain doesn’t have to change everything, and I don’t think it will. And not everyone will use it, not everyone will use crypto for payment. But we need it to be an option, just like downloading music became an option instead of buying CDs or DVD’s. Some people still buy those. And both the movie industry and music industry was forced to change. People started downloading illegal mp3, but once the music industry launched Spotify and other streaming sites for a cheap price, people couldnt be bothered to turn themselves into “criminals” anymore. It was not the “you wouldnt steal a car” campaign that did it, it was 10$ a month for unlimited free music that did the trick.

And thats what I expect will happen with crypto and blockchain. It will live side by side with the old world, and the old world will try to compromise and adapt. Or not..or it will be total and complete mayhem and they will strike down hard on our freedom and implement totalitarianism. I doubt it though. In the social chaos that will be a consequence of things like forced migration into the West, the welfare state and economic systems will be and are all ready put under extreme stress. It is the perfect timing for implementing another system, and it is a perfect scape goat for politicians and banks. “We did not know. We tried to do good” And perhaps they did. Doesn’t matter, but their system is the biggest ponzi of them all, and once there is no more of other peoples money to throw away on being “good”, the system fails. And Crypto raises from the ashes.

At least it’s a nice dream. I am completely obsessed with crypto, and there is no life without it. I believe many feel like that, and the more people who feel like there is no way back the stronger we become.

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  1. Workin2005

    Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve been watching politicians blame everyone but themselves for the mismanagement of money. Their favorite scape goat is the “evil 1%” of course. Most don’t know that if you confiscated 100% of the wealth from those in the top 1%, it wouldn’t even fund the government for 1 year (at least in the U.S). The truth is, government has too much power. Where their’s power, there’s corruption. Where there’s corruption, there’s waist. Where’s there’s waist, there’s a ticking time bomb before the whole thing implodes.
    I think it was Milton Friedman who explained their are only 4 ways to spend money…
    1. You spending YOUR money on YOURSELF. (Most Efficient Way to Spend)
    With this, the cost of the product matters (because it’s your money) AND the quality of the product matters (because you’re going to use the product).
    2. You spending YOUR money on OTHER PEOPLE.
    Here the cost of the product matters (again, it’s your money) but the quality doesn’t. You’re not going to use the product, so why would you care about quality?
    3. You spending OTHER PEOPLES MONEY on YOURSELF.
    Here the cost doesn’t matter because it’s not your money. However, the quality does matter since you’re going to use the product.
    4. The last way to spend money is by you spending OTHER PEOPLES MONEY on OTHER PEOPLE. (Least Efficient Way to Spend)
    Here the cost doesn’t matter since it’s not your money AND the quality doesn’t matter because you’re not using the product.
    Government obviously falls in the 4th category. This is the clearest reasoning I can think of as to why Communism and socialism always fails. Crypto will finally give people a way out of the failed models of the past.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Great reply @workin2005. I totally agree. Government and politics is someone blowing up a balloon and while blowing it up they get addicted to blowing up balloons and the people around them get addicted to that as well, so they can’t stop, and finally it explodes. And it has all ready exploded..we are now in the “shock phase” after the explotion. It’s in slow motion so the pieced of rubber is slowly hitting the ground. I’ve been around long enough to realise that there arent any grown ups running things. The closest we have to grown ups are people who are very good at their trade. Politicians on the other hand usually dont have a trade. They are groomed into politics as they snake their way to the top, pleasing people, talking, brown nosing and doing what politicians do. These snakes only think short term, next election or their job after politics (in an organisation usually). But what is more scary is the side effect this has. The whole structure ends up becoming short sighted and as a result of that mediocre at best. People who seek out a job in public sector or government sector (Guess those terms vary from country to country) usually end up there because they are mediocre people. Not very ambitious, not the smartest nor very moral. And usually they are the same conformist people from school. The normies. They don’t appreciate individualism, and because of their upbringing and probably genetics too (r-selected) they don’t bother looking deeper into things. This phenomena is so know…the people who just listened to top10 music are more likely to end up in a public sector job, because all ready at music it takes some effort and “moral” to dig into great music. It’s not just instant gratification. And R-select people always just go for instant gratification. Now, the most r-selected people dont even get a job. So I suspect those in public sector and govn jobs are more boarderline people. normal to normal high IQ, but they lack principles etc.

      And they all play their part in the beast called government/welfare state because they feed off of each other until they are consumed. Thats why it always fails. Those higher up (politicians and officials) I suspect are psychopath or at the very least narscisist. They just want to move ahead with their career no matter what the cost. Even if it means misery for an entire country they couldnt care less. And beneath them are all the lazy normies who also couldnt care less, but not because they are psychos, but because they are not smart enough or moral enough to have principles and take a stand. Then on the bottom we have the r-selected who vote for these people because free shit.

      And scattered around there are everyday normal and not so normal people like you and me who take good and bad decisions, some feel that the system has abused them their entire life and they feel NO moral obligation towards it (I think it was Ayn Rand who said; You owe nothing to those who threaten you with a gun”) and you have those workers and those who carry the world with their feeling og obligation and moral principles who continue to accept the abuse because what are the options for them? Well, the only option eventually is to give in and stop producing. Go on welfare too and at least get something back. And thats when the system collapses. And thats why socialism and communism and social democraties always fails. And I live in a social democracy, and I know that our scandinavian societies has worked pretty well..but there is a reason for that. We were EXTREMELY homogeneous societies. The moment we started to mess around with that we started getting into debt as well. And we are all ready paying for it. Our parents (those who are 65-70 now) they took it. They can retire on a tropical island. They own houses, cabins in the mountains, nice cars and can go to the Canary Islands half the year…hell they have scandinavian COLONIES there with scandinavian grocery stores. And us? At least cut in half. In Sweden even the pensioners are feeling it all ready because they went full retard in changing out their own population. And this things are non-reversible.

      If crypto finds some footing, I believe we have to set up pure societies for it. Someone have to buy up some land together and create a real country who accepts crypto refugees. A soverign country with a lot of smart people – ideally far away from the rest. Greenland would be the perfect place. Enormous and owned by the semi-crypto friendly Denmark 🙂

      /rant off

      1. Workin2005

        Wow…I have nothing to add. Couldn’t have said it better.
        Politicians realize they can stay in power simply by giving away the most “stuff”. Voters realize they can sit on their ass and do nothing if they simply vote for the guy/gal that promises the most “stuff”. Anyone who points out the unsustainiabilty of this is demonized as “not compassionate”, “greedy” or flat out “evil”. Ben Franklin said it best, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

        The U.S literally doubled its national debt under Obama. He spent more than every US president in history COMBINED…and no one said a word. While Trump is at least lifting crippling regulation and allowing private sector growth, he’s still continuing to spend at an insane rate.
        This always happens when the world starts devaluing individualism in order to “better the collective”. They don’t realize without protecting individuals, the collective is doomed to fail. This is why pure Democracies usually fall. People are usually surprised to learn that America, and most Western nations, are NOT pure Democracies. They were built as a Republic, guided by a Constitution and laws that protect individuals.
        A pure Democracy is 4 wolves and 1 sheep all sitting around a table voting on what to eat for dinner. This doesn’t work out very well for the sheep.
        Hitler, Stalin and every dictator in history talked about “bettering the Collective.” Stalin actually realized Socialism was a failure. He knew the people wouldn’t like the term, so he rebranded it as “Democratic Socialism”…and the collective went along with it. In America, we now have people calling themselves “Democratic Socialists”…which scares me to death. They have no idea what they’re pushing and where it leads.
        Let’s hope crypto can bring back some sanity.

    1. Nicholas

      So, a normal comment @eosmastering 🙂

      Perfect analogy, the internet and the cryptoverse, and you have sooo right about the centralized vs decentralized media.
      I see every day some people, they are cryin’ about the censorship on youtube and twitter, and they are STILL there. Whaaat? Are you crazy?

      We have an unique opportunity right now, we can build the new system on web, we are the pioneers, we make the history.
      And the most of people doesnt see this. They see fud. And think fud, even if they arent stupids.
      Maybe they are deserve the censorship on mainstream “social” media sites…

  2. CryptosDecrypted

    Whatever you’re drinking – keep drinking it @eosmastering. An entirely cogent argument for crypto development and the necessary time lag before eventual wider adoption.
    ‘We showed up a bit too early, and many are constantly nagging the host about “won’t there be more people here?” When are they showing up? Is it only me? Why am I still sober?”’ lol – and perfect

    As an aside gaming never got better than Wolfenstein 3D – I spent absurd amounts of time on this while ‘working’ on my masters. Time well spent!