EOS had seen a huge interest in Korea before main-net launch. We used to see more than 50% trading volume in EOS coming from Korea and everyday when Korea used to wake up, traders used to line up to trade EOS for a decent profit. On genesis snapshot, it was believed that Koreans own a significant portion of EOS tokens. Why do not we see the same enthusiasm after main-net launch? Why is there no Korean BP in top 21? We visited Korean BPs and talked to various EOS community members in Korea to learn more. Here are some of the findings.

Korean exchanges are not allowing EOS withdrawal

Korean exchanges Bithumb and Upbit have not completed main-net swap and Koreans are not able to withdraw their tokens. This is one big reason that even if they want to vote for their favorite local BP, they can not do it as their tokens are locked.

We believe Korea is a big part of EOS ecosystem and it is a country with highest level of interest in blockchain projects. We need to support EOS community in Korea and vote for these block producers. Please watch our video below for more about this as we discuss as one of the top voting proxy in EOS ecosystem.

Vote for Korean BPs

We have voted for Korean BPs to help support the community, please consider them for voting. They are working hard to bring EOS community together in Korea and we need them to keep at it.

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