I sometimes wonder why some filthy rich Whales don’t give upvote to some minnows and plankton posts which is worthy to be upvoted. Some minnows who work very hard to come up with extraordinary blog post due end up sad because of their low payouts and zero upvotes from Whales. This have made some people gave up on their dreams on Steemit because they already knew they won’t get support from Whales after their hard work.

I once asked a friend of mine who used to write articles on Steemit about why he quited Steemit. He told me “Steemit is very difficult for minnows like me. Those who are meant to support minnows aren’t supporting them but they keep supporting themselves”. After hearing this, I was a bit shocked because I don’t know what fate has in store for me.

I sometimes get astonished when I see some Whale wasting their steem power on flagging some other whale posts not knowing an upvote can change the life of a minnow completely. This is why most minnows and planktons are always scared or shy to make some valuable posts or publish fact related articles because we are scared of getting flagged from some Whales who may not be interested in our posts.

There are also some good and compassionate Whales on Steemit who will always support minnows and planktons for their great work and effort to add more to the community. I know of @curie who will always reward authors with great writer skills, I know of @surpasssingoogle who developed #ulogs and @steemgigs for the purpose of integrating Steemit and also supporting minnows and planktons. I also know of @good-kharma who developed #esteem even though millions of steemit users earn bountifully for using the @esteem Application to write blog posts on Steemit. I also use this medium to commend the developers, curators and founder of musing for developing such a great platform on steem blockchain which has inspired the lives of most minnows and planktons for their great rewards (upvotes) just for providing quality answers and asking sensible questions.

There are also many other great Whales on Steemit apart from the listed ones which I may not know about but they are actually supporting minnows and planktons on Steemit giving them hope on the platform.

After going through your question, I was able to come up with the below reasons why most Whales on Steemit don’t upvote minnows and planktons post. These the below reasons I was able to gather.

1) GREED : Some Whales are very self centered when it comes to making money which increases their greed for money on Steemit. These type of people are always selfish when it comes to upvoting minnows and plankton posts because they always believe supporting them may decrease their income or wealth not knowing it is just a false thought.

I hope these type of people can just help a minnow or few minnows with some little amount of upvote and observe how they get paid bountifully in return.

2) COMPETITION : Some Whales are always in competition with each other and they always want to be at the top. This is something everyone want as an individual but I do believe that the best means of competition is to become better more than you were yesterday. In the case of this type of people, it is a different case. They are ready to do anything that can get them to the top which makes them less considerate about some minnows and planktons.

3) INABILITY TO NOTICE SOME MINNOWS AND PLANKTON POSTS: Actually, most Whales are ready to give full upvotes to minnows and planktons but the problem is that these posts don’t just get to them. This is why some minnows make use of bid bots just to get noticed by some Whales which will upvote them for their quality posts.

You just have to keep making good quality posts without giving up till you get noticed by Whales for your handwork. This may help you get upvoted by Whales. Also, try as much as possible to make good comments on Whales posts and always be with them till you get noticed because they love to support hardworking peeps.

4)REDUCTION IN VOTING POWER: Do you really think some minnows and plankton aren’t getting any upvote from Whales? I don’t think so because some Whales do upvote some minnows posts but the problem is that their voting power is already low due to their numerous voting support activities.

The fact is that some Whales are actually upvoting you but it might not reflect much due to their reduced voting power.

5) PLAGIARISM: As we all know that Steemit is very strict when it comes to stealing content online or plagiarism. No whale will want to upvote any plagiarized content because it is against the rule of Steemit. The worst they can do is to flag such posts which affects your reputation.

It is always advisable for every minnows and planktons to stay away from plagiarism if they really want to get upvote from Whales.

6) THE NATURE OR QUALITY OF YOUR POST: Most Steemians who get upvote from Whales were able to attract them through the quality of their posts. How can you expect me to upvote someone who just wrote 2-3 lines of poem or someone who is just spamming the platform just to earn upvote?

The fact is that you have to be productive on the platform by making everyone learn something interesting in your posts. Most Whales loves unique content which contains quality write up that will always make them check out on your blogs because they already love what you post.

The problem with most minnows today is that they don’t really know what they can offer on Steemit. They don’t even know the niche they are very good at and this is affecting their success on the platform. You just have to stay true to yourself and blog about what you are best at doing. Never imitate other Steemians because they earn high more than you. Just stay true to yourself and find the niche that suits you perfectly.

I believe in blogging about what you love doing most no matter how disgusting it may look to you, you just have to let show it on Steemit. If you are a good writer, start writing. If you are a good video blogger you can engage in vlogging with Dtube. If you are good in taking photo you can start snapping pictures with sheepshot. If you can solve people’s problems by answering their questions, you can start making use of musing just like we do here. Remember to always do what you love best and never give up because you will surely be noticed by a whale for your handwork.

7) IMPROPER BEHAVIOR OF SOME MINNOWS TOWARDS WHALES: Thus factor is really affecting some minnows till today because of their improper attitude towards some Whales. As a minnows or plankton you must be very careful about the type of abusive words you use towards some Whales because no one loves to be insulted.

The Whales should be respected for their great impact on Steemit for investing such a great amount on the platform. It is very bad when you throw insult towards them because the whale you abuse today may be connected to more than 20 Whales on Steemit which may deprive you from earning upvote from them.

8) POWER DOWN BY WHALES: There was a time I used to earn close to $0.05 just for commenting on one of my friend’s posts. I noticed after commenting recently I wasn’t getting that amount of upvote anymore and this made me curious about what could be happening. I had to message her on Discod because she looks very scarce for sometimes on Steemit.

I had to check her blog and to my surprise she had already powered down her steem power but that doesn’t stops me from making quality comments on her posts because she used to be very supportive.

Similarly, there is high chance some Whales had already power down their steem due to some financial reasons known to them and they may not want to upvote some minnows posts because they at that time they maybe in need of money.

9) SOME MINNOWS ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE: One of the best tips to earn upvote from Whales and other people is by supporting them. The trick is that you earn the support of others in return if you support them even though it may not work for some people. But supporting each other on Steemit can make successful on the platform.

The sad part about this is that most minnows want to gain upvotes or support from Whales but they themselves aren’t ready to support some Whales. How will you get support when you are not ready to support another person? This is why minnows who wishes to earn upvotes must be supportive to some Whales just by providing quality comments and upvotes till they get noticed by such Whales.

In conclusion, the scarcity of upvotes from Whales may be caused by the nature or character of the whale involved or it may result from the actions of minnows or plankton involved.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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  1. Dukefish

    I often hear that Steem has a problem with new people not being able to make waves. That is why coming here to Trybe is a great move, as whales are capped on voting power and the rating system here is easy to navigate.

    Thanks for this article man! Keep them coming!

    1. Adebola Ayan Post author

      Hello Dukefish,
      Steemit seems to be somehow very difficult for the new ones because they all find it difficult to earn visibility for their posts and upvotes.

      I guess the best way to go about Steemit is by consistency and keep providing quality content.

      Thanks for your lovely comment