It’s no more news that website performance matters a lot to online users. Remember that a website’s performance is gauged by the page load speed. It’s also to be noted that website speed directly affects bounce rates, conversion rates, websie revenue, SEO, user satisfaction, website popularity and almost every other business parameters worth tracking. The longer the time a website takes to load, the more annoying it will be for its visitors. Online users leave slow websites, and many of them won’t return. Before now, eight seconds was cited as the maximum point beyond which online users would abandon a website, it moved to six seconds,then four, now it is about two seconds. The bar has been set very high, and it’s rising most of the time, online user patience is non- linear and almost no one abandons a website for being too slow within the first second, but beyond that first second, users start to bounce at an accelerating rate. By two or three seconds a typical site might lose half its potential visitors. Of course the specific thresholds vary according to the type of website, online user action and intent and other intrinsic values, but the general principle remains the same.

That’s why it’s quite necessary for Trybe Network to increase its website loading speed so as to increase it visitors stay period. I am using this post to encourage the developers of Trybe website to improve on the loading speed.

As I earlier mentioned, there are many different factors that impact on the performance of a website. Though I am not an expert in website optimization I would love to recommend to Trybe developers and my readers a post written by Salman Mehdi; a digital content producer, that dealt with the above issues raised;

I would want to believe that Salman post would be very helpful to users of Trybe and the developers of Trybe Network. I would also want to receive some useful comments about my post from my readers in the comment box. Thanks

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  1. peter S

    I noticed considerable speed improvements over the past week. Not sure how much is related to cache but also new articles are up in about 1 sec (this is on ADSL line, ca 9 Mbps download). I’ll test again tomorrow as I suspect that the daily tokens may add some delay. But you are right that it is vitally important.

  2. blogger

    Totally agree. It seems like i have to wait forever when i rate an article like this one. I am hoping that they make the site lighting fast. Otherwise, i will write one myself. Now days is so easy to write and host apps like this one.

  3. Siddartha

    I think the site is loading quite fast now. I’ll compare it to popular rival Steemit. But ya, some actions like voting and commenting are still taking longer.
    As for users bouncing, then I think that’s something people over exaggerate. I’m sure people don’t mind waiting for 3-5 secs for the site to load. At least for the first few visits.

  4. Fred Blauer

    For me, its gotten worse, and is scrolling very slowly. It completely stops often, and I have to wait. I have tried it on a few different computers with the same result. Otherwise, I really like the site. Thanks

  5. Nick T

    It’s now November 12, 2018 and the page loading speed is very very slow. I introduced a few people to TRYBE and there only major issue with the site is slow loading.
    This must be resolved somehow, to ensure steady user growth. Take Steemit for example, that website, regardless of what page you want to look at, loads up in a matter of a second. This is how I envision TRYBE.

  6. Infosion

    I can say that when I started here on Trybe like a month ago the site was really slow sometimes. But for now I can say that it’s okay now. You could improve it, but for me I would say it’s okay right now most of the time.
    I would just assume from the experience of other improvements and changes to the site since the start of the project that they are probably aware of different speed problems of the site and are may be already working on solutions. Also to have plans or be able to react if more and more users will come…