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Encrypted currencies are becoming more and more popular and it also brings risks.

Who can you trust as an investor?

How do you know that the service yes or ne to get your cryptocurrency?

CoinBundle to provide a solution to the problems that still exist in the encryption world – investment trading portfolio.

CoinBundle is a great investment platform(Sign-up on APP CoinBundle),

CoinBundle’s experts monitor the market, it combines different Encrypted electronic money into investment packages , to create the best-crafted bundles.

Other than, CoinBundle will soon launch, Let you can to create your crafted bundles, market your bundles to get rewards.

CoinBundle is an crypto invest , has no annual fee and No trading and No service fees.

Crypto currencies Deposit and Withdrawal accept 6 different cryptos currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC).

I suggest you join as soon as possible.

(1)Sign-up on official website CoinBundle.

(2)Sign-up on official APP CoinBundle.

APP and Website both is the same account and password.

You only have to register in one of them, also only choose one, but the rewards in the two places are different.

CoinBundle Recommended Program:

Program See details link official website CoinBundle and APP CoinBundle.

Briefly as follows:

(1) Use my recommend link Sign-up on official website and verify your account, you and me both can get 100 BNDL(=$10USD) and 10,000 Beta$ (competition chips).

Beta$ can get it immediately, but BNDL After the airdrop end.

The Beta$ Competition chips ends on 2018/10/20 or 21, and you will receive up to $1 million in reward tokens based on the investment points.

(2) Use my recommend link Sign-up on official APP and verify your account, If you or me have investment $ 100, you and me both will get $5.

Can invite as many friends as you like, you reward is not limited!

You can Share your unique invitation link with your friends through social networks, email, or messaging platforms.

CoinBundle official has the right to change the rules at any time, Please note:

CoinBundle official Twitter:

CoinBundle official telegram:

Participants must join the official telegram and follow official Twitter.

And stay in Twitter and telegram until the event is over and pay close attention to the relevant news.

CoinBundle hosting a Bitcointalk Bounty Program for BNDL tokens from October 9th 2018 to January 10th, 2019.

Bounty Campaign Link

Why is Coinbundle your trusted platform?

Here are a few news:

The chief executive officer of Coinbundle – Saad Rizvi met with the National secretary of the Philippines to finalize the exchange’s registration through CEZA, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority – it is a special economic zone offering a number of tax incentives to companies operating in the country’s emerging fintech industry.

And Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who discovered the cryptocurrency’s potential six years ago.

Ohanian’s company was one of the first investors in Coinbase, taking a stake in the digital currency exchange in 2012.

Before crypto got trendy, Ohanian said he was looking for the best brokers between fiat and crypto. He found one in Brian Armstrong.

Initialized Capital is also investing in CoinTracker, which lets users fill out tax forms for crypto investments, and investment platform Coinbundle. By investing in the infrastructure, Ohanian is setting up a long-term play.

More CoinBundle News, Please search on GOOGLE!

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