In a current age where we are not required to move as much due to the nature of many office job we find ourselves doing, which require us to sit for several hours dealing with a pen and some papers or a set of desk computer(s). We found ourselves expressing less actual locomotive activities that is required to keep the body posture and balance intact.

Despite the fact we know about the treat this poses to our overall health, we are compel to remain glue to the desk as there is much work to be sorted.

I could remembered working in one of the top bank in my country as a front desk receptionist where I had to be on my sit for several hours authorising the in and out coming of staffs from and to their offices. To me, this was a hell of punishment but I soon discovered my experience was even far less fair as some of the staff in the bank find it difficult to even have a lunch as there are piles of work to be finished to an extent that buying a bottle of coke and sausage roll while come to the office in the morning became a tradition.

Although, many are restricted from regularly exercising their body due to various work reasons, but majority are finding it difficult to break the psychological effect of expressing less movement which has built up some level of laziness so far that we tend to pass on the chance to exercise when the opportunity came knocking.

Some major reasons why we have a hard time exercising our body goes down to a list of excuses; I have no time, I am too tired, I hate to work out alone, I feel embarrassed, I hate to sweat, my kids are at home…

But do you know there are benefits to extract when you exercise regularly and put a stop to those excuses by challenging them with your positive work-out actions.

Benefits Of Frequent Exercise

More Energy

Yes, exercising regular gives you more energy to get going even though the activity itself is energy consuming. Research has shown energy released during exercise tend to put the body in a more stout state which might just be the little edge you need to complete those tiring work and remain productive.

Better Mood

There is absolutely no doubt about the effect of exercise to mood upliftment. Those adrenaline you just compel your body to release in addition with other hormones and chemicals actually have one more work they need to complete before they get depleted or neutralize and that is enhancing your mood which can even give you more direction concerning the next good thing you need to do.

Good Night’s Sleep

‘I slept like a baby’ – you could relate with this ecstatic word when you just had a night sleep you wish you never woke up from. What if this experience stop becoming occasionally and is experience more often. I have a good news for you – exercise is just the golden answer you have been searching for.

Less Stress

Time is the golden mantle they say and so is patience. If you are the type that does exercise regularly you would realize you are becoming less stressful as compare to before as you have been providing your powerful body the rhythm it needed to really take control of how it direct and balance it’s many activities.

More Productivity

Even Five minutes exercise at different succession during a break of different break period has been proved to be powerful towards being more productive at work according to many experts.

More Confidence

There is nothing more that feels so well than having it all under control. You suddenly feels a load just got lifted from your head after exercising, you feel more relaxed, your thinking become more focused, you can feel you have it more under control. Do you realize you just got some heap of confifence? That is one of the powerful benefits of exercising.

Weight Control

Chemical energy during exercise are released to fuel the energy requirement during exercise, so are fatty residue broken during even more rigorous exercise. The result of this is having a more compact body shape and size. Although, this may take some little while before there is actual weight loss, but it does work in some ways but not with everyone as there may be other issue exercises cannot directly influence when it comes to weight loss.

Long Life

I found the inspiration to write and complete this post after watching a clip of a 90 years old Catherine skydiving (with a help) at her 90th birthday and now the powerful woman is 106 years old.

The secret to Catherine long life is none other than her rigorous exercise work ethic, so much that she is said to “never miss a gym session”.

To your surprise the woman still does exercise at 106 which example has served as a great inspiration to many trainers.

Strong Bone and Muscle

Many youth are fond of hitting the gym because they want that powerful muscle be revealed, they want That HOT shape.

As the body tend to push and pull against gravity so is the demand for more muscle build to sustain and balance these activity changes. Activity like push up, boxing and weight lifting demands more power from the body and these demands are tolerated well by the brain with new instruction that are directed to propagate the mechanism of bone and muscle building.

Healthy Heart and Lower Risk of Cancer

Too much cholesterol in the body can causes blockage in veins and arteries. Regular exercise ensure these substances are used up and directed and distributed properly within the whole specific range in the body. Metabolism activities during exercise also prevent dead and foreign cell from occupying a lively cell or forming unwanted masses.


The benefits of regular exercise is many and all who have tasted it’s sweetness are always wanting for more. This natural self practise is even regarded by many as the “wonder drug”.

You wouldn’t imagine the shift and involved feelings until you have chosen to start experiencing it.

Do you really want a positive shift in your body and mind state? Then start exercising today.



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