Now that the airdrop is mostly done, the question for some people will obviously be; “should I sell my tokens”? This short term thinking is what I think still is the major symptom of the crypto currency space. A symptom coming from the mental state of short term profit thinking from people who are not good at planning ahead. In biology we call this R-selection.

r-selected species are those that emphasize high growth rates, typically exploit less-crowded ecological niches, and produce many offspring, each of which has a relatively low probability of surviving to adulthood (i.e., high r, low K).

Rabbits would be a good example of an r-selected species. But it could go even deeper than that; Inter-species genetic selection. This means that there are certain genetic markers that make people express more or less short term or long term behaviour. So an example would be why someone spends the entire summer harvesting berries, catching game, fishing and chopping wood – whereas others don’t. This could be explained by several genetic and environmental factors. To survive harsh winters in Scandinavia, people HAD to chop wood. Other places on earth where resources were more or less in abundance, this could have disincentivized the ability for these people to plan ahead and think abstract.

And in Crypto I see the same behaviour. Inexperienced young people only thinking one step ahead. And misunderstand me correctly. This is GOOD. It is good for us who think long term. First of all we need these people to help price discovery. And in a market there will be winners and losers – and for some to be winners, we need some losers. That does however not mean (like many seem to falsely believe) that economics is a zero sum game – it is not. How could you then explain why everyone’s standard of living has continuously raised throughout history? now you’re at least not communist anymore. But you could still be a fool in smaller markets where there definitely are winners and losers short term.

First I will give you ONE good reason not to sell, that is not based on anything else except psychology.

Your Trybe tokens are right now probably worth something between nothing and a few hundred dollars – depending on how much you have earned. If you live in India and desperately need 20 bucks, sure sell. But for anyone else – question yourself how much is this money worth to me right now, and what is the potential upside? There will be 1 Billion Trybe tokens and if we hit Steemit’s success at peak in the next bullrun each Trybe could be worth as much as 0,5-1$. Imagine then having 10-20k tokens. THAT could potentially change your LIFE. Your children’s life. I’m not saying that will happen, or that I think it is even likely. But THAT potential outcome long term compared to buying a bottle of beer short term? Everyone remembers Bitcoin and the famous pizza right? At some point we will see this happening again. Is it Trybe, is it Boid, is it EOS, is it Steem..who knows..but at some point you hit the jackpot..IF you think long term.

Then I will give you some reasons based on facts


1. Quality Content

Trybe aims to provide quality content. Articles can be instantly posted to one’s own profile, but to appear on the public site articles must be reviewed. This, combined with the future implementation of a cost of 100 TRYBE tokens to post on the main Trybe site will help prevent spam. People will invest in their own articles.

2. Ranks

Primary editors (people who have earned over 20,000 tokens as well as being regular contributors to the community in form of great articles) is one thing. But there will also be a ranking system for those who are not primary editors. There will probably be 8 tiers based on how much Trybe you are staking. Also, reaching a new rank could potentially unlock features and some rewards if the team want to implement that as well.

3. Vanity Sub-domains

During the token sale Trybe will start to sell vanity sub-domains in an auction that I think will look a bit like the EOS account name auctions. The reason for this is because users will be able to create sub-domains and receive web hosting by paying a fee in TRYBE tokens. These will be standalone websites where you can allow users to post on their sites with sign up process etc.

4. Advertising.

Trybe will have two forms of advertising. Native advertising and BAT and Brave Advertising. Native will mean boosted posts (10% of posts that you see on the page) and option not to see advertising at all by paying a monthly subscription fee.

BAT and Brave Advertising

Trybe will integrate with Brave and BAT to allow users to have full control over the type of extended advertising they want to see on the Trybe platform over and above our native boosted post system.

5. Token Sale Bonuses and Affiliate Bonuses

Read the white paper (linked below) for more information on the details, but basically there are cycles (period bonuses) being paid out to top 5 contributors as well as All time top contributor bonuses. There are also affiliate bonuses.

6. Staking Reward

The minimum time that tokens can be staked is 30 days, and it will take 3 days to unstake tokens when the user wishes to do so.

From the inflation, those who stake their tokens will be paid using the following formula:

If 50% of token holders stake, then 25% of the inflation will be paid to stakers. If 100% of token holders stake, then 50% of the inflation will be paid to stakers etc. 


Future Developments

Integrate with other dApps

Paid Content Proposals

Users wishing to market on Trybe will have the option to make paid content proposals to the community. These will be individual content creation jobs that users can bid on and be chosen as a paid content author by the advertiser.


Paid Content 

Trybe will offer users the ability to charge directly for their content. This could be in any number of different currencies. This would allow users to create content more similar to an online course that they would then be able to charge directly for.

Premium Features on Sub-Sites

Offer a range of premium features on sub-sites, such as more layout options, themes, or plugins such as shopping carts or event calendars. These would be charged for in TRYBE tokens.

 Offering “Custom Tokens” to Users

Once users have created and customised their sub-sites to the point where they are now fully-fledged websites, rivalling features such as those offered by Wix or WordPress, we will offer users the ability to create their own custom tokens, which they could use for rewards and tokenization of their own services.

Oh, and did I mention the growth?



This article is not made to pursuade you into holding the tokens. But I really want to share my experience. I am an actual adult who has been in this space for quite some time as well as having investing experience before crypto currencies. I am not a financial advisor, nor should you listen to me AT ALL (you know the drill) but what I want to shed some light on is the rational objective facts here. Look at what these projects are trying to do, count your tokens right now and realise that they are not worth a whole lot – but imagine how much they potentially could be worth if this project really succeeds. And right now in EOS, I am actually seeing several projects having the potential to actually achieve success in the long run. So think risk/reward here. How much are you risking by holding your tokens, hanging out in the community, sharing great articles. With long term thinking behaviour you will realise that this way of thinking gives you not only opportunities in the form of token value – but in many other forms (social, knowledge etc) You are participating in building the future online communities – instead of being a short minded greedy peasant that sees an iphone he really wants and then throws everything he has in his hands to satisfy his short term greed.

White paper 

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Not investing advice, bla bla bla

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    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Thank you! Yeah..we’re not going to get all cult-y up in here and tell people not to ever sell one stee..i mean Trybe! But for your own financial good (not financial advice) I think at least waiting til the coin has SOME value before you sell off some is a good plan. Personally I will hold as long as I feel this is a good project, and right now I am stoked.

  1. Matthias

    Thanks for the instructive post. I agree that holding on to ones Trybe tokens is a wise choice. There is little point in trying to sell them now given their low value. As the site improves and gains more traction, the value of the tokens will naturally increase. Moreover, keeping the tokens on the site gives users more influence when posting, rating and commenting articles, incrementally growing ones audience which translates into even more tokens. It’s a win-win situation whichever way you look at it.

  2. Crypto Maniac

    I agree, though there was always going to be a sell off of people trying to get rid of them at the highest price. Once these people are out of the way then the true value should become clear, What is certain is that getting rid at such a low point now is pointless and you may as well hold. Infact I may look to buy some more at these prices.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Well, I probably did not get that through well enough in the post because I was too focused on why hold the tokens. But SURE, let’s say you’ve worked hard on the platform for 2 years and we are in a bull market and you selling off some tokens can change your life..DO IT! Nothing wrong with that. And even if it is not life changing sums, sure..shave off some tokens to pay for a holiday or trade some shitcoins or anything you want. Speculation and trading and profit taking is part of the game. But I just hope that as many people as possible can see what TRYBE is trying to do right. If they pull this off we could talk a 1 billion mcap or more. If they really pull it off..who knows.. The team is great – and available. Do you guys know who the devs over at Steemit are? No..exactly. No one has never talked to those guys or know who they are. 😀

  3. Maelstrohm Black

    I just joined the platform and am really enthusiastic about it. I discovered it by chance, using EOS Toolkit. It was listed in the airgrabs, if I remember correctly, along with an url. SO, here I am, reading my first article, after the title caught my eye in the grid view… VERY interesting article, with which I am entirely agreeable! HODLing is what I have finally understood to be a philosophy, not just a market option or a behavior. I used to think short term, but ever since I managed to purchase a brand new laptop with crypto that had fallen during last April’s bear market and was able to sell them for twice as much, a few weeks later, instead of panic selling early, like many others were, I now abide by these four letters. And I only sold them then because I really needed a new laptop, otherwise, I still would be HODLing… Since I only have been involved with crypto for about 8 months now, I am looking forward to growing and learning more on this exciting new platform, as an independent musician, a writer and a gamer. Thank you for sharing your views and may you keep writing such inspiring material, which I will be glad to read!

  4. Zeus69

    Dear EOSmastering
    I read your article, but I’m not sure everyone did, what I get from it is that TRYBE will be a very valuable contribution platform and valuable in gains if you are willing to belong, contribute to the platform community as in articles, rating, voting, etc. I’m a newbie in the crypto space since +-September 2017 and would like to learn as much as possible. I propose that TRYBE add a special tab on for the newbies “Crypto for dummies” type of theme, where the newb can read very simplified discussion, articles, and guides on what crypto really is all about, the reason I am proposing this is because as per my 2 newbie type articles i wrote (I wont add links here” otherwise i will probably get into trouble), ;). I really am into the mass adoption by community because the majority of people, and I mean probably 90% of people or the population around the world don’t understand, or are a paranoid or are totally oblivious to the value of the crypto world. I wish I could help but I’m just as lacking in the knowledge about it, but one thing I do understand is that the crypto space is something to invested in and has huge potential with mass adoption.

    I hope my response reaches in a positive way.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Hi mark. Great comment. Trybe will be both in depth as well as “noob” articles. I am very into simplifying crypto as i am a layman myself. We need a lot of ppl to do their best to understand and decipher difficult stuff and pass that knowledge down..we will all be lifted up. 🙂 And that is how i wish trybe will be a great contribution to the space – by becoming a place where people KNOW they will find quality content regardless of skill level.

  5. motorman

    Great read, pretty much covered all the bases. At this point and time, price is irrelevant. I love the direction Trybe is going in, looking to create long term partnerships and value. Patients will be rewarded in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      You are absolutely right. The worst thing people do is to sell off at low prices just to do what? Buy another speculative asset? Cash out and buy a snicker bar? I mean..I don’t get it. What I have learned so far in this space is that you invest where things are happening, and where things are being created. Where real people are interacting and talking and forming communities. EOS + Trybe are growing!

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Yup..Crypto is the re-invention of economics, and I have to be completely honest and say that I don’t understand half of it. Crypto is like you push down one thing and then another thing pops up. A lot to master 🙂 But its a good strategy to not just throw away these airdrops at this stage I THINK.

  6. Cryptomagnet

    I think you have a serious point here, I will be holding my Trybe tokens so as to increase my rating power in the community and to benefit from the long term gains. My prayer is that EOS blockchain project and all DApps associated with it should succeed so that our efforts will not be in vain. Thanks@eosmastering. Your post merit rewarding. Upvoted!

  7. Yanika

    It is a perfect summary, @eosmastering!
    I see many positive things on Trybe platform, the quality content, the community, the big expectations everybody has, and those are just few to mention! Trybe is going into the right direction, and I was going to HODL the tokens long term. After I read your article I figured out there were much more positive things on the way. Some of them to be implemented in short term.
    So definitely, without doubt, only HODL!

  8. Hafid

    I agree, holding onto tokens you truly believe in, especially when you are immersed in the project will pay itself out in the long run. It’s up to the developers to create something with substance, but it up the the simple-minded user (ME!) to have a great UI experience to continue to support the project. Well done TRYBE! looking forward to the next evolution.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Great comment.

      It’s simple really..when you see a potentially awesome project being built and you are for some reason there from the get go..when the price is low and way before anyone has ever heard of it..does it really make sense to just take 50% profits and go? Imagine those who bought Steem at 0.1 and sold half their tokens at 10. That’s a 100x return. That is THEORETICALLY possible for Trybe. Not saying it will, nor is this investing advice..but it could if they succeed.

      Not only can TRYBE go up in value..but so can (and WILL) EOS..

      (not investing advice)

  9. Josime

    I love your R & K selected analogy, it’s so true, I have the same philosophy when it comes to all airdropped coins… And most devalued cryptos. What is the point of selling them at 80% to 95% of their ATH? I never invested to the point that I have to sell some for my financial stability

  10. Zeus69

    Thank you – great article and detailed explanation, thats what we need on TRYBE, not those complications that ad even more confusion to a potential member or crypto investor
    Mark (Zeus69)

  11. Movingman Dan

    Great article mate! Good information shared to learn some more about for people wondering what its about. I like it,the fact we have a place concentrating on mainly the Cypto world, theres much room for that and I guess Trybe could fill that precios gap. Lets keep producing content to bring awareness to the people, great work in doing so!