Born in a family but one of eight,
as always said last in first out,
some of us unfortunately late,
to be found out what this is all about.

Through as seed to eyes wide,
reflections of our guardians past,
our life’s path determined for the ride,
on us as punishment did last.

Running to each for rescue,
our thoughts, minds a damage,
not realising all affected as we grew,
the pure ignorance and uncontrolled rage.

A mind of neediness and not real thought,
a reality of life for the rest,
real knowledge and understanding never sort,
a fight to achieve and make the best.

What was afforded to our untrained mind-sets,
surviving the stages of life,
who was to know who above placed bets,
a guardian dies and relieves a little strife.

Some leave as falsely grown,
the rest left behind to continue,
endure paths without proper seeds sown,
a new step in our life, pain to pursue.

A little relief of a place,
bodies growing but minds stunted,
to a new home we move but same pace,
by continued hurt, pain forever blunted.

Behind closed doors but some unheeded,
our own flesh grabbed at by a new,
the cries of little bodies that needed,
evil not of the same blood we knew.

Why was this to be our serve,
please be taken away,
what did we do to deserve,
as children to avoid more dismay.

The end eventually given,
finally a space to heal,
powers unknown for continued living,
built outer protecting sheath for real.

Our own flesh birth we give,
as supposed as meant to be,
to learn from our past and live,
we did not know true glee.

For us and them we will try our best,
of ours and heir’s share our pains,
to remain and love as true for the rest,
as in the past hurt always rains.

But to know and learn how,
one day all will know, what,
Life is supposed to be now,
transpired, who caused this rot.

Life will continue I know, without shame,
as we all are not the same.

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