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Today I wanna explain how Hirevibes is going to be a game changer, I will discuss what are the benefits for client and job seeker for choosing Hirevibes instead of any other job portal/app.

First I would like to thank Hirevibes for helping me out with my questions and clearing my doubts with there clear answers, but it took a little to get all the answers I was expecting, As they were busy with airdrop process.

Hirevibes is a decentralized job portal for job seekers/clients.

The people who are looking for Jobs can make more money out of there job search, The portal facilitates for all kind of job seekers, permanent position, contractors, Freelancers.

As per the industry standards, hirevibes is the least charging portal in industry. it costs flat 7.5% of the annual salary of job seeker once recruitment completes.

If client chooses to recruitment facilitator, he needs to pay additional 2.5%, this brings to the total cost to Flat 10%. still it is the best pricing as per the industry standards.

HVT breakup

Basically you got the idea that, If Hirevibes made sales worth of 50k Euros, 3.75k Euro will be profit made by hirevibes team and again in that 3.75K Euros, 2K Euros goes to job seekers who got hired in recruitment process, 500 Euros goes to charities and rest of the 1.25K Euros will be delivered to HVT stake holders.if there is a facilitator services added, 1K Euros will go to recruitment facilitator and 0.25k Euros goes to supervisor of clearing the profile of candidates.

There is huge money in job hiring process and Hirevibes is looking to tap that money. And there is a huge gap in payment for Recruitment facilitator, For your understanding, In india if a facilitator works hard and made 4 recruitments in a month and total sale value is 40 million INR in india. the facilitator will get a monthly salary of 20k INR. that is 1/4th of what HVT is offering to it’s facilitators for the same sales amount made on HVT.

To limit the size of the Blog, I am not cover The DAC system, Referral system & reward distribution.

Reward distribution to Job seeker is well planned to fight with spamming of job seekers getting hired process.

I questioned the Team about payment gateway for the client to hvt team, they have provided gateway details for starters, it is a good way. But team has to come up with multiple gateway models to provided smooth services to client.

Usually client has to pay in HVT token to the Dapp, but I asked them why can’t client choose stable currency of his choice. As of now team is more concentrated on the MVP and other launch related process, they are not concerned about this. And market will always facilitate the liquidity of high demand tokens. so it won’t be a issue as of now.

lets see how it turns out. HVT is the one good project which is looking to tap the corporate money of around 450 billion $ industry. And it will speedly reaches to high value based on the performance of Hiring team. Everyone who want to make HVT a better dapp, they should participate in DAC process too.

For more detailed information about job seekers payment process and payment for facilitator, you can check the whitepaper of Hirevibes. this will give a lot info. still you can reach to me for any questions on HVT or you can directly contact the Team on telegram.

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