Are you excited about Worbli?  At, we are.  We have previously announced a media partnership with the fine Folks at Worbli.  If you don’t know what Worbli is, well, maybe it’s about time to get acquainted.   Worbli is appropriately coined as the Financial District of EOS.  Allowing banking compliant DAPP’s, an insured wallet, and quick transfer from fiat to digital assets, Worbli is the friendly Sister Chain making it’s way into our EOS ecosystem soon.

As a way to show off some of the fine talents of the people here at Trybe.One, Worbli and Trybe have come together to create a media contest where you can win tokens for creating original, thoughtful, and provoking Worbli content on the following topics (see resources listed below).

-Why Worbli (What is Worbli’s function, why is it needed?)
-the best DAPP ideas for Worbli (do you have a killer idea for a Worbli DAPP)?  What is it, why is Worbli the most suitable chain to built it on)
-How can Worbli encourage adoption (think fiat gateway, insured wallets)
-How Worbli could bring Fintech legitimacy to blockchain
-supply chains and Worbli ( watch the Worbli Online conference replay below – Final session)
-How is Worbli good for EOS
-A summary of the Worbli Online Conference

Now we wouldn’t simply ask you to just create something without offering a little reward…  Trybe will become one of the marketplaces connecting projects to enthusiastic and talented content creators through paid content proposals.  Why not start building your portfolio now?  To the victor go the spoils, and this time, the spoils are significant.  The top three articles as voted by Worbli will receive the following:

1st place – 25,000 Worbli and 25,000 Trybe tokens

2nd place – 20,000 Worbli and 20,000 Trybe tokens

3rd place – 15,000 Worbli and 15,000 Trybe tokens

The rules

-Submission must be done on Trybe.One

-Submission must be in by 12pm UTC on October 15, 2018

-Submissions can be videos, articles, podcasts, heck… songs, drawings, colouring books…  Get creative! If it’s postable on Trybe, it’s eligible.

-Content must be tagged with the Worbli category on Trybe to qualify so we can make comparisons and track all submission.

-Content must be new and specific to the contest as well and posted exclusively on Trybe.

-Well researched, well developed ideas will be given the highest levels of consideration.

Not quite sure where to find the latest info?  Look no further.  Find a replay of the most recent Worbli Online conference and all their social media links below.

❇️-replay of the Worbli Online Conference here –

❇️ Website:
❇️ Twitter:
❇️ Steemit:
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❇️ Facebook:
❇️ Reddit:
❇️ Telegram News: @worblinews
❇️ Bitcointalk:;u=2020487
❇️ LinkedIn:
❇️ Instagram —
❇️ Youtube:

  • The fine print: Worbli reserves the right to publish any submission for promotional purposes either in entirety or portions thereof.  Credit will be given to the Author however it may be republished on various mediums or promotional content without further consent.  By clicking submit and choosing the Worbli catgeory you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.  Happy Worbling!


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  1. peter S

    Just took the time to read up on Worbli WP and it is an impressive initiative. It will be hard to top that without repeating their own text. I will think of an angle to approach this and if I do and think I can bring some substance I will submit.