WINALL gambling found myself playing this game last night similar to a lot of other games this one I found to have a very good Fairplay got a good little amount of eos for playing odds were good not many people playing when I was on so not sure if I was getting an advantage. very easy to play with 3 levels easy  3 cards medium  2 cards and hard 1 card, You can play with EOS or WINALL  if you get your self into top ten players you get a chance of the daily bonus in there own token WINALL and EOS games. You can just buy your self  WINALL at a cost of 200 EOS  with BANKER MECHANISM were you are the banker look at rules first before playing looks like with there dice game being the first with more being developed WINALL is giving the banker a 2% to 2.5% advantage. bankers are also in competition with each other

 ”  Each BANKER is not only a community of interests but also a competitor.

Community of Interest: BANKER gains the profit of the WIN price increase caused by the increase in the token pool by holding WIN.”


“Earn profits through mathematical expectations. Get a steady return from the players who participate in the WINALL.

 Gaining WIN price growth by holding WIN for a longer period of time than other BANKERS. The WIN price will grow as more EOS remains in the token pool.”

“WINALL is committed to rewarding our most loyal players, therefore we set up two “Daily Bonus”, rewarding the players who bet the most and the players who hold the most WIN.”

there is an invite link giving 0.25% bonus every time on bet amounts and giving 10% game advantage. I must say the advantage did help on fist days paly not so much after that. I wonder what their next game will be as I did like the game of dice better than others looking the same  .play at own risk and play responsibly  

invitation link 

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