“After a successful trial of scientists in the US, the possibility of what can be done with the human body?”

The mystery of this world will remain, we cannot be sure when all the mysteries on this earth are revealed?! Whether until the end of the world will remain a mystery or one by one will be solved because the results of trials are continuously carried out by humans.

Starting from human curiosity about the mystery of creation, and other mysteries that exist on earth, then, in the end, humans will find the formula for the way out from every mystery and uniqueness that was originally unimaginable.


As in my question in the first paragraph of this article, what will happen, when the embryo can be edited?

MIT Technology Review has launched a new finding regarding a gene-editing device named CRISPR. Genetic engineering has become the first success, which uses human embryos in the United States. Researchers from Portland, United States succeeded in using the tool to produce the first human embryo that had gone through gene modification.

Because of the achievements of scientists in Portland, then our chances of completely editing human genes in the future are open. Hm!

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)

CRISPR is a new genetic engineering technique, which allows scientists to make specific changes in the DNA of animals, plants, and even humans. Simply put, CRISPR is a name for a device that can be operated, just like the copy-paste function on a computer in word processing software.

In addition, this tool, according to some sources that I read, is very easy to use. Therefore, concern arises among ethics experts, they said that this tool could be a weapon of mass destruction.

As we know, genetic engineering has been banned for a long time in many countries. However, because the use of CRISPR in the laboratory is increasing, the perspective and rules regarding genetic engineering must be reviewed.

In early 2018, the US National Academy of Sciences officially declared that human embryo engineering is permissible, even if it aims to cure disease, but there are still restrictions made.

Like the news reported by The Verge, the CRISPR tool used to repair genetic mutations in the embryo is still under development. And now, this tool is still used to avoid serious illness.


Stephen Hawking’s predictions about Crispr Technology and Super Human

Before he died, Stephen Hawking had written his latest publication. hawking has predicted that in the future there would appear a race similar to superhuman. One way that will lead people to the future like that is through DNA editing.

But in my opinion, even though the appearance of a super human race can be said to be far from being a dream. But not so for this technology, which allows for human DNA reshuffle.

This is where CRISPR finds its function, the gene editing system that will change the order of human life.

Friends! What is your opinion? Are we going to live like this until the end of time, or we will mutate, due to human research to move forward and be strong, give your comments.

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  1. Zeus69

    Wow, although scary playing with Human DNA, it obviously in the right hands has definite advantage in control human deficiencies and diseases that impact major organs.
    Great write and welcome to TRYBE my friend, keep them coming.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. peter S

    Fortunately, most human traits are the result of very complex genetics and epi genetics and it will be a long way before we will see super humans. But rest assured that the superrich will try to prolong their lives or athletes will try this as dope long before the effects are fully understood. But for single gene defects it will be a godsend saving lives.

    1. Mawardi Ismail Post author

      For this, scientists must know the specific location of the DNA to be replaced. then sends Cas9, the protein produced by Crispr, to find its location. Next, after it was discovered, Cas9 cut off the part of DNA and connected the part that was cut off with repetition of DNA.