The first tournaments are coming on the 1st of November! Today we’d like to tell you about their arrangements.

Settings of tournaments.

Tournaments’ mechanics is created in such a way to give an opportunity to players in the future to make their own tournaments, configuring a wide range of settings (from an entry fee and distribution of the prize pool to requirements for participants and a choice of the battle system). We’ll write about this in details in the next article, now we want to share with you the details about the first two tournaments. Both will be launched with the same rules and the only difference will be in the battle system: DNA or items.

Rules of the first tournaments

The first entry for every wizard to the tournament is free. It takes about 1k RAM for one wizard. This RAM is used to keep the whole copy of the wizard in the tournament. It’s done to prevent any changes in the wizard’s characteristics by, for example, changing the items on the wizard. However, the wizard can change items after the defeat and before the next entry to the tournament. The copy of the wizard will be updated for the next entry. This RAM will be released after the end of the tournament.

Next entry for the defeated wizard will cost 0,05 EOS. 80 % of this amount will increase the prize pool of the tournament and 20 % of it we’ll use to increase the CPU on the tournament’s contract to allow players not to pay for battle CPU themselves. It’s making the game more stable and independent from players’ resources.

Tournament schedule

Wizards in these tournaments will fight every 30 sec according to the schedule if it’s possible. The schedule is similar to the Olympic system, where the highest place matches the biggest number of victories.

In the beginning, every wizard has 0 victories and start to fight on the lowest stage (0 level).

Wizards of 0 level will fight with each other in the queue, according to which they entered the tournament. So, the first wizard is fighting with the second one, the third with the fourth and so on.

Winning wizard goes up to the next level to fight against the wizards with the same number of victories (like in Olympic system). The defeated wizard leaves the tournament.

The next battle will be chosen in such a way to maintain the number of wizards on the higher level twice less than on the lower ones, but not less than 4 wizards on the highest ones.

We have the following algorithm:

Every 30 sec we choose the lowest level, which has not less, than 4 wizards and has more wizards, than half of the lower level.

If there’s no such level, then the fight won’t be run. It’s necessary to create the most “appropriate” table for the final stage.

Before the final stage (first two weeks), defeated wizards can come back to the tournament by paying the entrance fee. This will return the wizard to the same stage, where he’s been defeated. The number of comebacks is unlimited.

Ice age (final stage)

On the final stage defeated wizards can’t return to the tournament and play-off battles start. Battles begin from 0 level by the same system until the one undefeated become a champion of the whole tournament.

The prize pool

The prize pool is formed by the sponsor contribution and by wizards entrance fees. In the first two tournaments we are contributing 100 EOS for each tournament as a sponsor.

This prize will be distributed between winners in the following way: 40% of the prize to the wizard-winner with maximum number of victories, 20% — for the second place, 18% to wizards on the third place, 12% will get wizards on the fourth place and 10% will be distributed between wizards on the fifth place.

Another bonus is honor points! If there will be more than 250 players in the tournament (with any number of wizards), then this tournament will be an Honour tournament and for every victory wizards in such a tournament will get Honor-points, which in the future wizards can spend for buying special items, creating clans (tribes), increase the level of tribes and so on.

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