A woman is a gentle word and heart, gentleness, language, wisdom, and good morals.

You are still too narrow and dwarf it feels the name above, because the ocean is not what is seen by the eye but broader than the broad word itself.

The special thing is that the woman must be smart and brave because she must be able to go to the study recommended by the Prophet, He said “Demanding compulsory knowledge for male and female Muslims”. The Prophet wanted a woman who was intelligent because He was the first School for his prophetic generation. The school to give birth to a son insofar as Ali as the Fatihimah of the golden generation was educated by Mother Siti Khadijah.

My brother almost 80 percent of a child’s behavior is influenced by his mother, for example:

Imam Syafii

He was raised by his mother, the priest’s father died when he was still in the womb. The mother of the Syafii priest, Fatimah bin Ubaidillah possessed high intelligence, poverty did not stop her from struggling to make the small syafii priest believe that knowledge was the main thing even though the treasure seemed not to be together at the time. It is not the wealth of poverty that he fears for his children but the poverty of science because with that he will easily fall, losing to the fight against the times and lust. The greatness of Imam Syafii is inseparable from his determination to let the child learn science even though the body is far apart but he is sure heaven is as good as the meeting place. But Allah is good, Allah immediately longs to mount the mother of Imam Syafii in the world when both are far apart, and God willing, will also be in Heaven.

Thomas Alfa Edison

The figure of this scientist had been released because he was asked to teach little Thomas. He is slow to understand lessons and deaf. Noney Mattows’ mother got a letter from the school because ahwal Thomas was small. The contents of the letter are “you have failed in educating children” do not stay silent his mother pulled Thomas from the school and he studied with his mother until a very young age he was able to invent nearly 1093. His mother managed to educate him without having to enter formal education.

Two great figures were born from the mother’s womb, whose special uterus was able to turn shortcomings into strengths for their children.

Simple Gift

The author often hears “If I am stupid the child must be smart, if I go to elementary school, the child must be a Bachelor”.

They are people who do not want to experience, dark life stories repeating themselves on the canvas of their hearts, because the lack of education they have achieved can actually be based on distance, transportation time, but now everything is easy, public transportation like dust that has crossed yet Tall buildings are increasingly building buildings that carry the knowledge of chasing dreams and the pleasure of a God.

O Muslim women rise, it’s time we realize that our children will be the responsibility that we will receive in the future, then what will become our proof before God if not become educators for them to prepare the best investment that will help and name our names before Allah and angels Ridwan to be with him in heaven.

Prepare everything now. Isn’t a long journey always requires provisions. Isn’t a door open to anyone who wants to knock it.

Regards @khairulwalad

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