God give us two eyes to look at anything. We can imagine so many things after looking at a building with our eyes and definitely we thank God for the blessing and for giving us opportunity to feel a new day and we are still alive. I am sure all of us understand about it and always want to thank God because of the biggest strengh.

Now I would like to share with you how I spent my Saturday Night at New Corner Coffee. It is one of a cozy coffee shop in Lhokseumawe, Aceh Province, Indonesia. It took one hours and half by car from my Bireuen (my hometown) to get Lhokseumawe. But it was not a big problem for me because I have decided to visit Lhokseumawe to meet some of my friends there.

Saturday Night is always be a wonderful and important night for many people. We always wait for the night. We must not think about some tasks that we have to do in our office tomorrow, right? We can spend our quality times with our family, friends, and someone special anywhere we want to. For me, a coffee shop is a proper place to spend my saturday night with my friends to discuss anything I want. I know you have your own way in spending your times on Saturday Night. We just need to do is to keep calm and enjoying our times well.

There are a lot of cozy coffee shops in Lhokseumawe. You can find them easily. New Corner Coffee Shop is at the road to go to Ujong Blang Beach. It is a beautiful tourism destination area in the city. On the left and rgiht side of the road  You will see some well known coffee shop such as Taufik Kupi I, Aduen Kupi, Kupi Station, Ulee Kareng Kupi, and D’Royal Coffee. About 100 Hundred Meters  from D’Royal Coffee you will see Taufik Kupi II, New Corner Coffee, and two other Coffee Shop.

I have made an appointment with my friends to have some coffee at New Corner Coffee Shop. It is not too crowded and we will have a comfortable and warm discussion.

One of my friend is Ahmed. He is an english teacher and senior content creator in Steemit; a scial media run on Steem Blockchain. I was happy to discuss  about writing with him and he have me some advises in writing a quality contents to attract the readers to  read what we have written.

“We have to show our readers a quality and interesting posts in Steemit and you must create an unique content as well. We can learn how to write correctly by reading much more contents of popular content creators and interact with their contents. Then you have to try to write a daily post. Create content everyday and leave some words jn any other content you read.  This is very important concepts of blogging any platform, not only in Steem blockchain. Our goal to find our loyal reader and curator. You will be rewarded because of your quality contents and hard works.  Any content creators did it and  we with achieve anything without hard effort and boh patience. ” Ahmed have some cool advises for me.

I got some usefull points from Ahmed about writing while having a cup of wine espresso of the New  Corner Coffee Shop.  I.think you must visit Lhokseumawe and having some coffee in New Corner Coffee Shop with your friends.

Have a nice dreams.

Regards from Bireuen.

***Some words and all images in this post were my original content that has been published in Steemit. You can read them in this link.

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