Worbli just announced a new collaboration with Octagon Labs, a company that goes back to the earliest internet age. Worbli has been extensively reviewed on Trybe and to just cover the basics; they intend to build an ecosphere of financial and business services based on EOS blockchain technology. This requires strict compliance with many international regulations of which KYC / AMS are not even the most complex steps. Security and permits in all flavours of jurisdictions are adding layers of red tape.

Octagon Labs comes from a different angle. The origin was Octagon Professionals, a recruiting agency in the Netherlands (1987), which spawned Octagon Data, specializing in staffing data science and data engineering companies. When you see the discrepancy in growth of mobile devices (generating big data at an alarming pace) and bachelor degrees in computer sciences, you will understand they are providing an essential service in a scarce market. You may miss it at first glance but the flat blue line at the bottom is the relatively stagnant rate of computer science degrees. The graph is based on US data, but the trend will be quite similar worldwide.

ref National Center for Educational Statistics (USA)

Over the years of recruitment services, Octagon had gathered enough information to start mining their own big data and finetune the process of matching profiles with job openings. When you are deep into head-hunting data scientists, you obviously have first pick yourself and you can employ the best when you are expanding your company in related areas. This venture lead to the next phase of the company: Octagon Labs. They are now offering services in the fields of data management, company security assessment, automated risk management, GDPR compliance, IoT services and recently blockchain technology. They have prestigious clients such as Netflix, Belkin and the European Space Agency.

Octagon Labs were invited by Worbli to become a reserve block producer and they are also part of the Telos network. The collaboration works both ways. Octagon Labs will get access to the growing blockchain expertise of Worbli, while Worbli will jump on a moving train for secure KYC and AMS procedures rather then building their own from scratch. In this fast moving world of blockchain technology, a wise decision. When technology transfer is in balance between partners, it is always a good basis for long term success and I assume we will soon see some fruits of this collaboration.

Header image from http://thenetwork.cisco.com/.



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    1. peter S Post author

      As that is the service Octagon delivers, I’m assuming that is what they will do. But may be only european clients to be compliant with GDPR regulations. The press release was not specific enough in this respect.