In the start of 2009, something happened, something that will come to redefine human perspectives and ways for a lasting period.

A new ground breaking technology was released to the world – which purpose was to facilitate the use of a decentralized form of payment through a new form of currency called “Bitcoin” classed under the category “cryptocurrency”.

To understand how cryptocurrency derive its value in the first place can be hard to wrapped around the head for a new person coming into the space, but the technology powering the currency itself poses even more difficulty to comprehend.

Words like blockchain, private key, public key, start becoming the norms of your life through your recent discoveries. Tons of questions flush through the mind at a flash in time. You decided to feed your curiosity and point your browser to the net in search of answers, you finally discover there are so many technicality to be understood. You are having a hard time getting a hang with it all.

You are not alone in this experience, it is a prerequisite for anyone who want to be involved with the space at this stage in time.

But, how much longer should we allow this complex learning trend to continue? The tech is in danger of being unfulfilled if this linger for much longer.

Right in the midst of all the uncertainties a new hope sprouted.

Worbli with the mantle of liberty has been born to heal many pains and ease the introduction of new user into the space through its easy to use financial tools which main priority is to serve onboarding and existing users by enabling design and UX that would bring about that needed user experience lacking in this space.


Worbli is an enterprise blockchain financial services. Which mission is to provide a great avenue that will encourage the easy deployment of dApp by developers and cater for many need and Interest of users. This project took things to the real extreme by taking on the responsibility of being regarded as the “World Blockchain Initiative” WORBLI.

Leveraging on the rich features of the EOS, worbli will expand on the EOS mainnet by crafting out a softfork of the EOS blockchain to enable a trusted and reliable infrastructure that will create fast onboarding of user and developers alike.

Community Governance

Blockchain provide a mean to a decentralized world, where every user have a say about the direction of the system. Such community are regarded as DAO “decentralized autonomous organisation”. The importance of community governance became more obvious when arguments erupted about the future implementation of the Bitcoin protocol between two opposing side of the community, which later result into two new form of communities, the Bitcoin core and the Bitcoin cash communities.

Delegate Proof of Stake brought a structure to how important decisions are to be made in a community, where equal right are shared among all community members base on their stake on the network. Worbli through the inherent of the EOS functions will base its future decision and direction on the community.

Account Recoveries

Many individuals lost the opportunity of a life when Bitcoin price went on an upward trajectory swing because they lost the password to their wallet or were not just able to retrieve their wallet private key back.

The decentralized nature of blockchain make it a such that private key are to be maintained and kept safe solely by a user. Since many are not security conscious or found guilty of being lazy to practice good security culture. The lost of account became a very regular news. Private key once lost without a backup means, can never be retrieve again. But this will soon become a forgotten occurrence as worbli will provide a process for easy account recovery.


Real crypto adoption is coming

The financial sector have the most to benefit from blockchain technology, one of the major reason why the tech is still less underutilized is because of the technicality jargons the tech poses. By integrating wallet that requires just a single sign-on to open a plethora of features that any user would desire, Worbli intend to bring mass adoption of crypto to regular users. A good feature that will facilitate this quick adoption is the fiat-gateway integration. Almost all user are still very much attached to fiat, and being able to interact with such gateway will provide huge benefits.

In exchange

Dealing with various exchange to manage fund, trade and move asset around can really be stressful, but what if all of the processes could be done right on a single account. As an all-in-on financial provider worbli will provide an instant exchange platform that will be enable quick sorting of personal fund right on a single account.

Plans Worbli have to develop it’s userbase

Adoption of a product of users is key to any project success. Through the direct relationship with the EOS core community and members. Worbli will leverage this advantage by attracting over 330,000 EOS holder through their sharedrop of 1 billion tokens which will be distrubute at a 1:1 ratio of a user EOS holding to all active EOS holder.

The total token supply of Worbli is 2.5 billion, sharedropping such amount represent a true value for EOS holders.


About the Token.

Worbli network will be powered through it’s utility token “WLI” which will enable access such as computing power, storage and bandwidth to the system.

The total token supply is 2.5 billion and will be released gradually with an annual inflation rate of 6%. 1% of this inflation rate will be paid to block producer yearly for maintaining and supporting the network.

Currently the token is served through the ERC20 protocol and will be converted at a 1:1 ratio when the mainnet blockchain launches.

Taking on the rich features of the EOSIO network and with well established and experience team. Worbli is stages to take financial services to a whole new level.


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