WORBLI is an ambitious project that will try to solve not one of the but I really think currently THE most important use case on the blockchain. What could that be you might ask yourself? What is the biggest problem the whole crypto world has today? What do you think is THE one thing you would have to change to get this whole crypto world REALLY going?

Well for me it’s pretty simple! It’s the problem of cryptocurrency being mainly fought instead of working with it together. In many aspects… especially at the most important sources that there are today — for most people. Which is the financial world and the media. Mass adoption really couldn’t be happening so far, because everyone got rather told why not to look into cryptos. And not like what cryptocurrency can or could help with or which problems could be worth trying to solve with. Everyone involved in cryptos since a little while knows probably what I mean. The tendency is already getting better here and there, but I think it could and should be presented very often in a more objective way.

Okay we all know that, but why is WORBLI exactly the best for solving this problem right now?

WORBLI has good relationships to the FinTech. WORBLI can interest the FinTech working WITH the blockchain, this wasn’t the case so far until now. FinTech does of course not directly equal the whole world of banks and financial riches at the Wall Street. But the FinTech is kind of the gateway into the banking world.

The traditional financial banking world has perceived crypto currencies mainly as a threat in the past until now. And the “try” with XRP Ripple is in view from the banks only a drop in the ocean… But if the traditional financial system would have a better way how they could participate and profit from the crypto currencies they would probably respond a lot more positive about the crypto world in general.

Because WORBLI now creates the connection to FinTech the world of cryptos does one first step towards the big world of banks.

This diagram below is created by me but grounded on the work of Gerhard Schwarz who is a well recognized expert on conflict management (One of his most known publications, only available in german). You can relate this to a lot of conflicts or rather happenings that occur in everyone’s life. Not only for single people, but also groups or the behavior of humans to each other.

How does this diagram work / What does it say?

You can see how the way you can solve a conflict is more positive for both sides the higher the step is in this diagram:

You can relate this very good to the current situation in the crypto world. Why?

Being in fight with the world of banks (step 2) or steering in different directions (step 1) is the current situation of the traditional financial banking world and the blockchain technology. I think it’s fair to say it like that nowadays, banks are very skeptic of cryptos.

This is the state we are in before WORBLI was there.

To this day you can’t find any connection to FinTech through the blockchain so far. The only coin that is worth mentioning when it comes to banks is probably XRP. So you could argue that banks and the crypto world are in a certain relationship of step 3 or step 4. These two steps are about hierarchy and voluntariness. You could say that the banking world is currently in a relationship with lower hierarchy in the blockchain through XRP, because they “play the crypto game” there and try to get market share “in the rules of the crypto world”. On the other side the whole banking world has made life of crypto currencies and the blockchain very hard. For example with keeping the BTC away from the Wall Street where the banking world showed its hierarchy in its way to the blockchain.

This symbolizes the current state we are in right now. Crypto currencies and banks are either going in different directions (step 1), fighting (step 2) or somehow are in some relations of submissions to each other (step 3 & step 4).

Worbil can now change this! WORBLI’s role could be like a mediator between the world of cryptocurrencies and through FinTech to the world of banks.

On the other side is the blockchain and the gateway are the DApps.

New users are connected to banks (through FinTech) and to blockchain crypto currencies (also with DApps).

This could finally lead to an effect of collaboration where both sides aren’t fighting anymore (step 2) but profit together from consensus (step 1) or negotiate compromises to gain more success together.

This would especially mean more adoption through new users, more resources for further development and continually upgrading and optimizing functionality.

This very important connection right now is exactly right! Because WORBLI has good ambitions and a seemingly fine product, so it’s more than likely that they won’t be the only ones profiting. They will probably also boost EOS a lot of success. Also, with making things easier for the end user it’s also likely that there will be a much greater demand for DApps. This will probably make the price of EOS going up and lead to increase of DApps in amount and quality of them. The DApp community may soon be witnessing some big boost when the first Killer DApps will reach the end users. When time is right there will for sure also be DApps where users don’t even know that they are using the blockchain somehow. In the end it’s all about quality and functionality for people: With blockchain DApps there are some new unleashed new possibilities that need to be invented first to make use of some of the blockchains full potential.

The consequences of that can of course further have a big impact on the blockchain in general and individual projects that are than getting more attention. A fundamental better average understanding to a lot of new people of what crypto currency is, what it does and how someone can profit from it in different ways is crucial and would bring the much wanted and needed “mass adoption” to the crypto world.

In short: WORBLI hast the possibility and potential to create a Win/Win/Win/Win/…situation for a lot of things relating to crypto currencies!

What does WORBLI has to offer to succeed their mission?

Good customer experience for the end users

To really create a good customer experience it’s important to make any FIAT to crypto transaction as easy, simple and clearly as possible to handle. WORBLIs plans for their wallets seem to me pretty user-friendly from their publications so far. This is important because many users will come who may be didn’t have to do anything with crypto currency. No matter how hard you try, they are probably always a little bit overwhelmed and excited.

Listen and talk to developers

The audience of developers is also important to target. They are the first ones who can profit from the interfaces and the ones who can tell if something works great or if it doesn’t. And they will react to whether issues that they think are important are heard of and changed or not! It is for most developers not only interesting to use WORBLI because of the connection to FinTech. For example, it might be valuable for developers to use WORBLI to “bundle different crypto assets” easily with one possibility. In general when it comes to the use case of an app user transferring FIAT money like US DOLLAR or EURO to any crypto asset WORBLI will bring a nice new possibility to developers. They can use that to make their life easier and also for the ones using their DApp. So hopefully the usage of WORBLI through developers will be adopted and they see a positive change in efficiency and usability in their coding resulting in more success at delivering to the end user. Than I think the success will come with the time from alone.

Under all mentioned circumstances it’s probably not overconfident to expect successful times for WORBLI. The good connections to the FinTech as the good state of the project in current execution and the perfect timing for such a “pioneer crypto to banking project” makes it really hard for me to find any suggestions of how to make it better!

Why is the timing now also right in connection to EOS?

We can watch EOS currently how it creates itself. To secure a business field in this time of happenings — at best as a pioneer like WORBLI — has tremendous value for future success and security to stay in this segment of the market. Through the first EOS DApps that we could see rising since a few months now we can already see how fast there can be created beautiful and various things in such a short time.

Because EOS is in a lot of fields ahead of it’s “competitors” like the technical infrastructure of their blockchain and the resulting performance and use case advantages. So considering all alternatives it’s probably a perfect choice for WORBLI creating this partnership with EOS.

Finally, WORBLI is probably a blockchain project that is looked at by a lot of people in the crypto world. Because if WORBLI will be successful the whole crypto world will probably profit from it. This makes WORBLI in my view a much bigger useful crypto project than hardly any other today. Not one other crypto currency so far which is active at the market could until this day “convince the traditional world of banking”. But I think WORBLI could really complete this task!

WORBLI can offer exactly at the right time and place the right thing and the circumstances are perfect! The upcoming partnership with EOS seems also perfectly timed. If these are no perfect visions for the future..! I’m very eager to see how things will workout for WORBLI, EOS, DApps, the developers, end users and the blockchain in general and what will happen next.


Icons made by FlatIcon.com (“Dollar sign and piles of coins”, “Bank building”, “Blockchain”, “Users group”) and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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