Worbli can change ?? yes it can change many things.

Before I start with worbli, I am closely watching EOS since around 1 year back. I came from software background so I know little bit technical knowledge in blockchain. I use to experiment with whole EOS Dapps, mostly all dapps, didn’t left much… except 1 or 2 projects which are not worth.

recently I am working on my own Dapp, I call it “The Ticket”. basically it is a movie,sports and any entertainment show booking website, here user will be able to book a ticket like any other ticket booking website. but this website is driven by community not by any corporate or any private entity.

when any user book a ticket he will receive a token or part of a token called TICKET, along with his actual ticket. at first the TICKET token value is nothing and it is free to the user who ever book from my Dapp. the profit made on every ticket we booked on our dapp, will be shared with total tokens we have in circulation. suppose the value of a TICKET token is 1$, at any time user can use his tokens to book movie tickets from the Dapp. if user hold to the token for a long time, the value of token will grow exponentially.

The movie, sports and entertainment industry has huge potential when it shifts to blockchain. I have written 100’s of use cases for my project where user can use his tokens and make millions by just booking the tickets on dapp. it is my dream project.

the best blockchain I can choose for my dapp is EOS, but still it holds the limitations of account creation, it will take millions of accounts for my Dapp, KYC/AML issues for my project. this limits my TICKET token as utility token. As crypto market is down and many companies and industries are not fully adopting with some limitations.

But with Worbli I can raise my Dapp as enterprise level Dapp. where I can follow KYC/AML. the people who are already using blockchain don’t bother much about kyc, but to reach to the masses we need enterprise level blockchain. And worbli is a best example.

  • Worbli can do KYC/AML.
  • I can use fiat/crypto currency with gamma bank
  • instead of limiting my token as a utility token, I can use it as a security and give periodic dividends.
  • I can get mass adoption with enterprise level blockchain.
  • I can use atomic swap, get investment from other cryptocurrency holders
  • I believe there is no limitation for EOSIO software, it is upto our imagination. it goes same to Worbli, the dapps which can be built on worbli is upto our imagination.

Note: please don’t copy my idea 🙂 , eosio is the heart of eos eco system, if you felt anywhere I am criticizing eos, I am not.

Finally Worbli — “world blockchain initiative”

The ticket.

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