Worbli will be the financial district of EOS where developers from around the world can create dapps that help bridge the gap between traditional financial services and crypto assets.  This is a much needed platform that will allow the community to control the ecosystem by creating and using the dapps that benefit them the most.  In this article I would like to explain WHY we need a platform like Worbli.  We need to understand the “big picture” before we can start drilling down to specific use-case applications of the technology.

Why is Worbli needed?  Why can’t we just do everything on EOS mainnet?

Worbli is focusing heavily on AML/KYC and staying within compliance guidelines.  This is extremely important for anyone creating or using financial services dapps to avoid unwanted attention from regulators.  For developers, they will be able to skip the step of creating their own AML/KYC identification policy and focus more on the important things like smart contracts, UI/UX, marketing and tokenomics.  Worbli will make sure that the  users are who they say they are.  Users will also be able to control what information they release to dapps and the AML/KYC is completely optional, but it will open up access to more services.

EOS is simply a set of tools for developers to be able to create what they want.  Worbli is the same set of tools, just more specialized and geared towards building financial dapps.  If you try to work on a car with tools designed to build a house, you are going to have a difficult time.  You must have the right tool for the job.


Why do we need financial dapps?

If you look at the different sectors that make up the S&P 500 you will see that the 2 largest sectors of the US economy are clearly financial services and  technology.  The modern world would come to a screeching halt if we don’t have money flowing and technology advancing.  The exciting thing about Worbli and financial dapps is that they will blur the lines between finance and tech.  The financial services industry is in desperate need of innovation and new ways of doing things.  Many banks and other companies rely on archaic, centralized technology to process billions of dollars worth of transactions.  Fintech companies are trying to modernize this sector, but without the power of blockchain they are just putting lipstick on a pig.

Financial dapps combined with smart tokenomics have the ability to disrupt any financial service that is currently available, including but not limited to:  banking, insurance, lending, real estate, credit cards, investing, accounting and crypto services.  There is only one way that these dapps will be able to disrupt the current industries……by offering a better alternative.  These dapps can lower costs, improve speed of transactions, offer better user experience, allow for more control through voting and many other benefits that users want and need.  The old saying of, “If you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door” comes to mind in this situation.  If developers can create dapps that make people’s lives easier or save them money, people will use them.

The crypto community is hungry for financial options

If you have made it far enough down the rabbit hole to discover EOS and actually use it, Congratulations!…..you are a true pioneer and have learned a ton of new skills that didn’t exist a few years ago.  In order to obtain and use EOS, you need to know how to operate coinbase, create/use wallets of different types (hardware,paper,desktop), use different exchanges (binance, newdex, chaince, etc.) , set up Scatter (chrome ext and desktop) and use block explorers to verify everything.  Many of you also probably have a diverse collection of crypto assets at this point (currency coins, platform coins, utility tokens, etc).  All of this is becoming amazingly complicated, but there is one giant red flag that sticks in the back of my head.  In order to actually benefit financially from my crypto skills, everything must go through Coinbase and my linked bank account.  I feel so empowered by EOS and cryptos, but the reality is I have to sell it and put it all back into a regular USD checking account at a giant corporation in order for it to enrich my life.  That is the current reality, but that does not have to be the future.  Worbli won’t be separate from that fiat financial world, it will integrate it with cryptos to make things more seamless and transparent.  Worbli can automate many of these difficult crypto skills so that they happen on the back end and all the user is doing is pointing and clicking with instant confirmations.

Competition is good

Worbli is a platform that will have many dapps competing for your business.  This is good for the users and it will push developers to constantly improve and innovate.  Users will flow to the best dapps that offer the most features, fastest speeds, best user interfaces.  Money will also flow to the best projects and teams so that they can grow and become even better.  These dapps will not just be competing with other dapps, but also with traditional financial services that have enjoyed a stranglehold on these markets for years.  This competition will push the evolution of finance.


Worbli is needed for the crypto industry to get to the next level.  The financial services industry has become complacent and this movement is going to shake things up in a good way.  We need to fix the problems that currently exist and offer new options for a new generation.  All of these things need to be done with honesty, integrity and transparency.  After studying many different ideas to accomplish this, I believe Worbli is the best approach.  It combines the speed and low cost of EOS, with the compliance and regulation of a traditional financial entity.  The platform will launch in November and the next step will be to design, create and implement financial dapps.  The future looks bright if you can step back and see the bigger picture and the potential of what Worbli can become.

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  1. Zeus69

    Very well written article @Todd, I really need to do some more research on WORBLI, work interferes with my life, LOL.
    Thank you was very informative.
    Regards and thank you agaian.
    Keep em coming @Todd.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Todd Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m a big fan of your writing also. Writing on Trybe is a lot of fun and we are all helping spread knowledge about this tech. Adoption is where the real prizes are for everyone!

  2. motorman

    Thanks for the write up, very informative. Would be great to have trusted financial site to go to, sort of like a one stop shop for all your financial needs. Love what Warbli is trying to accomplish.