Worbli’s goal is to create a Financial Services Network where businesses and individuals can access a broad range of financial services. They want to create a platform where you can combine fiat and cryptocurrencies into one account. Worbli will be using the enhanced features of the EOS network to create their own independent blockchain. (1) Because they are targeting the Financial Industry they will be Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundry (AML) compliant. They will be able to host a variety on dApps in a secure and reliable way and at the same time be fully regulatory complaint.

As per Worbli “The WORBLI network is a code fork of the public EOS blockchain, allowing our network to benefit from the features of the EOSIO software whilst optimizing it for enterprise and financial operations. As we have control of our very own EOS independent blockchain, we are able to set different governance and rules compared to the main public chain”. (2)

A major difference between Worbli and EOS is the way that the networks will be run. The Worbli network will be a centralized network and has been design this way to ensure they can meet the financial compliance regulations. Instead of Block Producers being voted for by the community, the Worbli team have selected Block Producers – these Block Producers will have to be KYC / AML and regulation compliant.

Worbli will be doing a ShareDrop to all EOS account holders. A ShareDrop is similar to an Airdrop where all EOS token holder will be dropped Worbli tokens. The difference being that all users will have to claim their Worbli tokens. Worbli is an independent blockchain and tokens can be claimed by creating a Worbli account. The tokens will appearing in the Worbli account instead of the EOS account. The ShareDrop Snapshot was taken on 7 September 2018 and the drop will be done on 1 November 2018. (3)

Worbli is currently developing the API for account registration and it will be made available before the token drop date. It does not seem to be a requirement to provide KYC / AML identification with the Worbli account creation. From the interview that Clay Albright did with Sam Russell it seems that more tokens will be ShareDropped to those account holders who choose to be KYC / AML compliant. (4)

You can register your email address on the Worbli website to be notified as to when the ShareDrop will take place. (1)


(1) https://www.worbli.io/

(2) https://medium.com/@WORBLI/understanding-the-difference-between-eos-and-worbli-a5aa35af20f3

(3) https://medium.com/@WORBLI/worbli-sharedrop-and-launch-70488285eaf5

(4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnUOf8hr4zI

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  1. Yanika

    I am just wondering if we will be using the same EOS accounts for the airdrop, or have to be somehow EOS fork compliant, i.e different accounts? In the beginning you wrote the tokens will be on the website, but later?

  2. Conceptskip

    I find it odd, that they snapshot was taken in September, and that you cant confirm if your account is part of it until November, it feels a bit that they only realised recently, that they cannot easily connect eos and worbli accounts.