If You Want To Be Successful, You Have To Solve A Problem.

In times of blockchain this problem is to make the new technology accessible to the ordinary user. Closing this gap, solving this problem means progressive adaptation of the technology. An average user wants to have the application of new dApps and platforms as easy as possible. Without great effort or intensive training. Intuitive and user-compliant operation is required, but cannot necessarily be provided.

Especially in times of digital assets the financial topic is delicate, the trade of these assets is not particularly user-friendly for the normal user to manage. Institutions are also affected by this problem.


Worbli Brings The Solution

The economic potential of connecting the world’s financial centres through blockchain technology remains mostly untapped. WORBLI is excited to be at the vanguard of this immense opportunity as we look to change the future of finance.

With a financially oriented blockchain, Worbli enables the more valuable handling of data. Areas such as health management, cloud computing, data analysis and cyber security are revolutionised thanks to the latest technology. This gives developers a tool to connect service providers and customers in the most modern way.

Worbli means connectivity, but also uniqueness. The underlying token economy provides an optimal basis for start-ups and other crypto projects. Worbli means true progress.

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In Short: A Ray Of Hope In The Vastness Of The Crypto-Universe.

Worbli makes the difference and makes it clear why new blockchain generations are destined to take over the market. Complete Know You Customer User Verifications provide the necessary confidence on a professional level. The blockchain sets the stone in the surf when it comes to security, decentralization and transaction realization. But not only security and trust, also speed can Worbli. Flexible and agile, it embodies everything a project needs to be suitable for startups.

The Worbli Blockchain – A Bridge To The User

The simple use of the blockchain for optimal user value is firmly anchored in Worblis Vision. Integrated wallets enable direct switching between tokens, Fiat interfaces build bridges between new and old currencies. Connectivity is therefore omnipresent in the truest sense of the word. Worbli connects users, systems, service providers and development with a technology that guarantees improvement.

WORBLI will empower the next stage of blockchain evolution. Through a convergence of traditional economic use cases, the platform will trigger an explosion of new and exciting applications for blockchain technology, bridging the gap between developer and end user.

The Project Does Not Even Start At Zero

Worbli is closely involved in the development of EOS and has accompanied the project since the Mainnet launch. Worbli is thus building on the existing user base of the EOSIO software. The project has also been supported for some time by various EOS block producers.

Our blockchain ecosystem leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) focused on financial innovation, security, reliability, and compliance.

Also interesting is this Keiser Report, which features an exciting discussion between Max Keiser and Domenic Thomas, Worbli CEO.

Compilance Is The Key

Regulations and rules surround us. Especially in the financial industry these are an essential part of the realities and need to be considered urgently. Worbli solves the problem that some blockchains have and implicates a governance layer that makes it possible to implement all rules. This solution gives the users security in connection with international financial transactions of any kind. So the Know Your Customer process is a fixed step to avoid security in terms of anti-money laundering or fraud.

WORBLI set out to find a way to leverage the strengths of blockchain technology while remaining compliant with global financial rules. In WORBLI’s extensive research we discovered EOS – a state of the art blockchain possessing all the best attributes for a financial institution looking to leverage blockchain technology: fast transactions, auditable and secure.

The Future Brings Great Things

Worbli is a big step to establish the Blockchain technology in the Fintech industry. Through the governance layer and the associated legal correctness, the project brings seriousness to the market. The enrichment of the EOS network is also directly related to Worbli’s success. Worbli offers interface management that promises users simplicity and system traffic.

Worbli – The Next Step

Let’s summarize. Worbli is a much needed interface for blockchain technology. It connects users to the market and simplifies interaction while incorporating legal requirements. Worbli stands for trust, security and connectivity and helps build the bridge between the early adoption phase and the mainstream.

In a nutshell – Worbli is the next generation network for enterprise and financial operations.

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  1. Todd

    Great article! I agree that accessibility is going to be necessary for adoption. The developers and what they can create are going to be crucial to the success of this project.