Key questions answered…

Creating a WORBLI account & claiming your Sharedrop.

As the WORBLI community eagerly awaits, the WORBLI network is soon to launch on November 1st, 2018.

We have been working tirelessly with our 21 Block Producers, 11 Reserve Block Producers, 10 Strategic Partners, a growing team of 40 people across the world, and our thriving community… We’re nearly there.

We’ve had an influx of messages recently about our upcoming launch and Sharedrop. We thought it would be handy to answer these questions for you and help everyone understand what happens next! Here are some key questions answered:

Q: “When can I create my WORBLI account?”
On, or after November 1st, 2018.

Q: “Do I qualify for the Sharedrop?”
Yes, if you held EOS tokens at the time of our snapshot on the 7th of September 11:59 pm UTC.

Q: “When can I claim my WORBLI Sharedrop?”
On November 8th, 2018.

Q: “How long will it take to claim my Sharedrop?”
If you follow all the steps accordingly, it should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Q:How many WBI Tokens will I get in the Sharedrop?”
For every 1 EOS token you owned at the time of our snapshot, you will receive 1 WBI token.

Q: “How do I create a WORBLI account?”
Visit and you’ll be able to create your account by following the steps.

Q: “What are the steps I need to take to claim my Sharedropped WBI tokens?”
Visit to create a WORBLI account and make sure that you confirm your email address (check spam, just in case).
2) Once you’ve logged in to your WORBLI account, you’ll be asked to verify yhis account by completing the account verification, which includes completing KYC etc.
3) After verifying your account, you’ll need to prove your mainnet account by signing your transaction with Scatter.
4) Finally, enter your EOS public key and choose a WORBLI Username (6–12 Characters).

Q: “How much of the Sharedrop will be released?”
Upon creation and verification of your WORBLI account, WORBLI will release 70% of the Sharedropped tokens to you. How WORBLI will be releasing the remaining 30% of tokens will be confirmed in due course.

Q: “I have multiple EOS Accounts. Because WORBLI users can only have 1 account, can my Sharedrop tokens from my alternative wallets be combined?”
This will be something our team will be working towards deploying, but not immediately after launch. WORBLI will update users in the near future about this.

Should you have other questions, please join our Telegram Community. Upon launch, there will be an in-depth FAQs & Support Page which should have all the answers you should ever need. If not, you’ll be able to submit your own questions for us to answer!

Thank you again for your support and welcome to WORBLI — Blockchain’s Financial District.


Domenic Thomas

Please keep up to date on and participate in the discussion in our Telegram channels ❇️ @WORBLICommunity ❇️ @WORBLINews

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