Right now there are more than 100 ,000 people within the united kingdom dwelling with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), the incurable contamination that damages the cells in the immune gadget, making it tougher to your body to combat ordinary infections.

acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) is the call given to explain the potentially existence-threatening infections that may take place as a result of an immune device that has been broken through the hiv virus and early diagnosis is essential to prevent these from developing.

to mark world aids day, which takes vicinity on saturday and goals to inspire people to get tested, right here’s the whole lot you want to recognize about the way to get yourself checked for hiv, together with the way to do it at domestic.

-)   Visit your GP

your gp surgical operation could be able to perform a unfastened hiv check if you request one.

this may involve taking a pattern of your blood or saliva, if you want to then be despatched off to a laboratory and examined for contamination.

many clinics might be capable of provide you your effects on the same day, others will do so within a few days.

your gp might be capable to speak about next steps with you and whether or not or not you should take emergency hiv remedy, which, if taken within 72 hours of entering contact with the virus, might also forestall you becoming infected.

you can also get tested at a personal medical institution, but you will need to pay.

-)  Visit a sexual health clinic

you can additionally get examined at a sexual fitness sanatorium, either as a standalone check or as part of a complete sti examination in order to include checking for infections including chlamydia and gonorrhoea, although the tests themselves are one of a kind for those.

click here to locate your nearest sexual health hospital.

– )  Request an at-home HIV testing kit

if you may’t make it to a health center, you may now request at-domestic sampling or checking out kits from some of providers.

the sampling kit includes gathering a small saliva or blood pattern at domestic and sending it off in the submit for trying out. you’ll get your effects through smartphone or text a few days later.

check test.hiv to peer if you’re eligible for a unfastened kit. if not, you could buy one on-line or from an expansion of pharmacies.

no longer to be stressed with a home sampling package, you may additionally get a domestic trying out kit that permits you to acquire a saliva or blood sample and take a look at it your self, presenting outcomes inside mins.

but it’s vital with these exams to test that it has a ce excellent warranty mark and has been licensed on the market within the uk, as the nhs warns that hiv self-test kits bought from overseas may be low exceptional

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