Today I started reminiscing about my favorite crypto platforms over the months, and X42 popped to the fore of my mind.

 I can’t say exactly where or how I joined the discord server but it was in August 2018. I was way into the business of bounty hunting and this platform was an amazing way to earn some cool bucks. Then I had a chat with the CEO and the passion with which he spoke about the project surprised me. I was like “Whoaaa… Slow down there”. But he patiently explained what X42 planned to achieve in detail to me. Around that time, I believe X42 was already listed on startexchange. Then, due to a dump situation, X42 dropped to 900 sats. But still I was intrigued by the idea of the project.


The X42 platform is a scalable, on-chain solution for any developer that wants to launch games and applications in general with minimal initial investment, zero transaction fees and near infinite scalability. Itboasts of feeless and near instant transaction with a powerful blockchain designed to hose Decentralized Applications (DAPPS). It features 3 tiers of Masternodes with the 1st tier requiring 1000 coins for a masternode and the 3rd tier requiring 100,000 coins. The idea of hosting launching DAPPS at really low prices appealed to me and I began to work towards creating mine on the X42 blockchain.

Currently X42 is trading between 9k to 12k sats on startexchange; despite the dump

So yeah, I was Interested. With the right kind of marketing, this platform could reach amazing heights. So I stuck around for a bit before I went AWOL for a few weeks to carry out a field research (I’m an anthropologist. Lol.) When I got back, the community had grown and I wanted to get involved fully. I brought up the idea about holding meet-ups in Africa, going round to Universities and enlisting their coders and programmers to join the X42 community. So the first X42 Africa Blockchain Meet-Up will be holding in Ibadan, Nigeria, this Friday!






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