according to eToro analyst Mati Greenspan, technical factors increased Ripple (XRP) by 15% to over 200-day moving average. Bitcoin Cash hard striker seems to have fired the XRP rally. He also stressed that this year the krypto currency market could see “Merry Christmas”.

Ripple (XRP) is a positive news for hodlers

Ripple’s XRP has risen over 15% in the last 24 hours and is technically over 200-day moving averages. According to the analyst, there is no technical data to trigger this movement in the price. There was also no strong news that could lead to such a sharp rise surrounding the XRP or Ripple. According to Mati Greenspan, another Krypto prize the XRP community-such as Bitcoin Cash hard forku – by creating friction on the positive news in the money.

However, if the rally continues, we will be able to see the new levels forming a basis for further growth of the XRP, according to the upward trend analyst who is currently placing the XRP on a 200-day moving average.

This year the market can buy a Christmas gift

According to Mati Greenspan, although the prices of crypts are moderate and moderate for several months, some rally can be seen as they move towards Christmas on Krypto Street. After some sharp moves in BCH and XRP, technical analyst believes that Bitcoin prices are reversed and crypto can see sharp rally of money. This estimate can only be believed to be true since bulls can break 200-day moving averages that are currently at $ 7,080.

In October, Trump’s trading war and fed’s monetary policy coupled with uncertainties, Wall Street signs that this year could be a Christmas present, according to analyst.

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