Actually, the river has many names, depending on where you are.

Yangzijiang which in Chinese usage applies only to the section in the estuary (more specifically, for the lower reaches of the Chang Jiang from the cities of Yizheng and Yangzhou down), is the general name for the entire Chang Jiang River in its full length in the Extra-Chinese linguistic usage.

If your knowledge is deep enough for you to know that the Yangtse is the Long and not the yellow River. The longest River in China 6380 km,third longest stream in the world , 2800 km of which are navigable. He overcomes a height difference of 4461 meters, he has because of the snow melting in the source region, huge fluctuations in water levels. Since 1870 about 700.000 people have lost their lives in the waters of this river.

One of the greatest deliberate disasters of modern times is the Three-Gorge Project, a great dam to feed a powerplant.

  • Length of the dam 2332 km
  • Height of the crest of the dam 185 m
  • Normal water level 175 m
  • Length of the artifical lake 600 km
  • Current-generating capacity 22 million Kilowatt from 32 generators
  • Building time 18 years

Where former times where tourist activity, in the region of the Three Gorges, everything is now flooded to a depht of several meters. The world was begging China not to drown one of the natural wonders of the world. This construction  required the relocation of more than 1.4 million people, fertile soils sinking into the floodwaters as well as cultural and religious buildings, some even more than 10,000 years old.

One third of the Chinese population lives in the Yangtse basin!

There is one horrific vision that outweighs them all, if the retaining wall should break, it would mean certain death for about 20 million people living in the Central Chinese Plain between Yichang and Shanghai. And yet the Yangtse is both the culprit and a victim at the same time.

For large parts of its course, the Yangtse is heavily burdened by a variety of substances discharged into it. Waste from industry, untreated household sewage etc. The Yangtse river serves as a dustbin, and nobody cares. The impoundment of the Yangtze-Kiang River reduces the river’s self-cleaning power as well as the flow velocity.

In addition to the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, there is also a second large-scale project, the South-North Water Transfer Project, a water diversion system designed to supply China’s water-deficient north with water from the Yangtze River.

Source of Data : Wikipedia.org

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