I often hear people say that they need a good wife or husband as a life partner, but no one ever really sit down to prepare themselves in other to become a good husband/wife to thier partner. We spend so much time trying to point out the faults of others but never sit back and take a snapshot of our lives to see how we can improve ourselves.

There is a popular saying going around which says “before you can love someone else, you have to first learn to love yourself”.

Everything has a place in time, so even the day must give way to the night.

Life is in stages and each phase must be completed before proceeding to the next stage. Personally, I think the first stage in life should be education, education is paramount and the bedrock to everything in life. Education is not a synopsis of how successful we can be in life but a huge determining factor of how far we can go in life. After successfully completing the education phase, you can now proceed to the career phase.

Who said balancing one’s career is easy talk more of throwing a relationship in the midst. Balancing relationship and career is a different ball game entirely because, relationship and career are totally decrepant so there For, needs to be handled separately. So if you are looking forward to throwing a relationship in midst of your career, balancing both becomes a necessity. Once you have successfully buit a career for yourself, then you can proceed to the love phase.

Happiness comes from the heart so if you sole reason big going into a relationship is to be happy. You might end up getting disappointed. Many people makes the mistake of jumping into a relationship without first securing a life for themselves trust me, this is a dead end. You have to go out there and find a life for yourself first before thinking of going into a relationship.

Timing is everything. Timing is the key in the aspect of finding the right person. You have to grow up and go through some changes, experience life alone and come to a choice of who you are as a person before the right partner will walk all the way to your life. Don’t try to rush it. Just know that it will always happen when the right time comes!

Thank you for reading, your comments are appreciated best regards. @VinaAustine.

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