Destiny is a culmination of the events that will necessarily happen in the future. It is said to be the hidden power believed to control future events; fate. However, it has been discovered that man has the will power and the drive and passion required to engineer his own destiny and control his fate to a large extent. You however have to be militant, determined and ready to fight for your destiny for this to become a reality.

There is a plan and purpose for every man. Your vision and purpose will be something you are passionate and driven about. It is very important that you know your purpose and you have a vision as regards what you want your future to be. Don’t ever settle for convenience over commitment because settling for convenience means settling for the mediocre or the average when you could be the best at what you do. There would be opportunities or defining moments that would bring you into the fulfillment of you purpose. You must recognize your defining moments and grab them. It would be dismal if you miss your defining moments because it would then mean that you have to wait for an indeterminate amount of time before such an opportunity would arise again.

The legacy a man leaves for the generation after him is the evidence of the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of his days. What do you want the world to say about you after you are gone? What do your friends and family say about you when you are not within hearing range? Your age and your length of days on earth have nothing to do with fulfilling your days. A 25 year old can already be living a life of fulfillment while his 50 year old counterpart may still be wondering why there is a void and an emptiness in his life which he has no idea how to fill. Only in the passionate pursuit and achievement of your own unique purpose can you find this fulfillment.

To carve out your future and fulfill your days, you need to;

Become more sensitive. A lot of things seem to happen by chance especially when you least expect it. If you are not intuitive and sensitive, you may miss a lot of golden opportunities.

Recognize the intangible things you are blessed with. We tend to give more credence to the tangible material things (e.g. money) whereas the intangible (eg talent, passion and skill) is more powerful as it is what births the tangible.

Put a value on what you have. You use what you have to get what you want and so if you attach no value to what you have, you would easily trade it for less.

Become long-term in your thinking. Stop thinking short term, so many things look terrible and unbearable in the short term however in the long term you would realize that issue or situation was just temporary. Do not make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation.

Uphold Integrity in all that you do. Your integrity is crucial for a life that would fulfill purpose.

Be trained in your areas of talent until you are skilled. It is your skill that would stand you out and makes you relevant in your field. Your relevance will give you significant influence needed to achieve great things.

Be excellence driven. Excellence distinguishes you at work, at home, in business and everywhere. It attracts people to you and makes your solution the preferred.

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