Since a few hours released the second game. The first game was heads or tails. Already a few days ago I reported about in my article “Hot & greasy EOS Plattform (ICO):” and since then a lot has happened. The Telegram Group has grown and has arrived at the first page on DappRadar. This is a very good performance so far.

The ICO only runs for 6 hours, if you want to token YUM now, don’t wait too long. Click here to to participate in the ICO.

Red Packet

There’s something similar in Europe (Germany) called “Lose”. At least the basic principle. You buy Tickes and don’t know whats in there. There can be a “Niete” (german name) in there, so nothing, or a small to big profit. It’s mostly found at fairgrounds. Below you can see a screenshot of Red Packet.

Game rules


Red packet solitaire

Deposit EOS to open a lucky red packet for free. The prize will be drawn when the number of people reaches the quantity limitation. Everyone can get a random red packet reward. 100% winning! The more you mortgage, the more red packets will be opened at the same time.

Best luck

The person who gets the maximum amount from the red packet is the person with the best luck in the round. 1 EOS will be deducted from the deposit pool of this person, so as to activate the next red packet.

Deposit EOS

For each time of participation, 1 EOS deposit will be frozen from the deposit pool, which will be released automatically after the red packet is opened. The deposit can be withdrawn at any time.

It is very easy to understand, so you can start immediately.

What do you think of the second game?


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