This is already the fifth part of the ( series. Here you can find the first, second, third and fourth part of this series. It was not planned to write a series, but due to the friendly comments I am highly motivated to keep you up to date. With this series you can follow the ongoing development of

It was now two weeks a little quieter and some are already worried that turns out to be a scam. The doubters were taught a lesson today, because has just introduced dice. Dice is the third game released by is constantly proving again and again that they have more than earned the trust.

In recent weeks the price of the YUM token has fallen quite a bit. Some have probably become afraid for their investment. I don’t see any reason for this, so I took advantage of the low price and increased my investment to over 1 million YUM.

I’ve already said that in one of the previous parts of this series, but it’s very important to me and one of the positive features of that needs to be mentioned. is almost omnipresent and really answers every single question. Not a single question remains unanswered. Each problem is dealt with with a lot of patience. Here is a quote yon from the telegram group of today:

“In the next few days, we will focus on some big and new events with dice and heads or tails, such as auction, lottery, rank and much more. YUM is still in its early time. There is really no need to worry, we will not go anywhere. What we will do is developing step by step to make our words come true. Please give us more faith and we will not let you down.”

I’ve never had a doubt that will set new standards in EOS gambling industry. introduces dice

Below you can see the screenshot of the newly introduced and third game on

In which gambling dapps are you invested and what do you think about

Here you get to the website.


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