Yum.games continues to make very good progress, a few hours ago the dividends were introduced. Yum.games continues to keep its promise and investors should be pleased. In my first article about Yum.games “Hot & greasy EOS Platform (ICO): Yum.games” I reported about the start of the ICO phase. For the time being there was only one idea and one game ready. But the white paper and the state of development was already promising.

In my second article about Yum.games “Yum.games has released the second game (Red Packet)” I reported about the release of the second game “Red Packet” and informed again about the ICO. In this article I would like to inform you about further developments of Yum.games and you can already anticipate that things will continue excitingly, because Yum.games introduces dividends.

From now on you can boost your YUM on Yum.games and get dividends for it. The first payout will take place in three days and then the dividend will be paid out hourly. Here you can see a screenshot of the website with the overview of the dividends.

The amount of your payout depends on how big the pot is and how many other users have staked their YUM. The current numbers look promising.

The ICO is now finished. 20% of the YUM tokens were sold, the remaining YUM tokens flow back and can be mined via playing. If you weren’t at the Yum.games ICO, you can now only get YUM tokens by mining or buy them on Newdex. The YUM price is rising, so I wouldn’t wait too long. The next update is the mining of YUM tokens at the game “heads or tails”. During the ICO the YUM were available for 0.00010 EOS, on Newdex YUM currently cost about 0.00013 EOS. On DappRadar, by the way, Yum.games has worked its way up to 26th place.

I have no doubt that the price will increase tenfold in just a few weeks. I bought 450,000 YUM tokens and I will buy another 500,000 yum today.

What do you think about Yum.games?

Here you get to the Yum.games website.


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  1. blackpanther

    I’m loving owning these EOS casinos and receiving dividends in EOS but it’s difficult to know which one is a scam or which one will get hacked, so I decided to own as many as I can including YUM. Diversification of casinos