I joined TRYBE in September this year, while drinking beer,
my poems weren’t accepted as rateable so stuck in general,
many a request to Admin, now poems are a norm, my best,
and poetry has a place and is rateable, now in its own category,

My poetry themes written from various schemes,
subjects range, from love to very strange, my ex estranged,
amusing TA’s, trained killers, to my daughter’s life abusing,
my personal constant fight, to retain, my daughter from strain.

Some poems dark and deep, can keep you from sleep,
you will stay awake, even counting sheep, will not keep,
depressive moments, about thoughts and emotions,
my love for my daughter and my forever devotions,
my constant reminder of pain and suffering, a strain.

My attempt at a TA for fun, workin2005 TA’s are perfect,
many a vote received and few tokens too, now I gloat,
just shows with a bit of imagination, what can be achieved,
many a read and comment on other posts, tokens I did feed.

Time on TRYBE has been great, plenty learnt, most with rhyme,
until we were hacked by some f….s, what a bloody crime,
many a friend made, and now followed, who aren’t even paid,
except when writing and reading posts, tokens to expect,

Poems, about hacking TRYBE, f…up the nice vibe,
but we got back as the Devs fixed up the crack,
now even faster, and better, new tools, you hack fools,
lost many a token, but to be rewarded, for site being broken,
Admin kept the peace, and ensured an avenue for release.

Now we back and running, some poetry I am writing a new stack,
astrobiology my test, this poem definitely not my best,
but hopefully soon, people will read my poems and the rest,
latest trilogy of sonnets was written from love lost, and new gained,
my display of love for my daughter, and my ex that on my parade rained,

TRYBE’s competition, many a poem, entered I hope, just wishin.
will I win, and tokens gain, or else I will keep on writing, with pain,
joking in vain, as I don’t care, as writing, being a member I will remain,
reading, professionals articles, and learning is what keeps me yearning.

Partners with WORBLI anew, I registered, learnt from Admin too,
no really this is true, I did register now we await something brand new,
TRYBE is growing, and many a new member forever growth showing,
from India, Korea, to Germany, even South Africa, that’s me, and Australia,
many countries and state to mention, many languages, there is translate,
Love the diversity and non-discriminatory platform, and gender civility.

Mike hopefully this poem fulfills your challenge of “Zeus Montage”, or
I will stop writing and go on strike and back to DIY.
will continue to read posts and drink whiskey and talk crap at night,
till Martin, Big Mike or Matt kicks me off the TRYBE website.

Joking; like a ladies bra, always be here as support and never leaving,
amazing members, new strangers and friends, together we never fall,
November now, maybe one day we can meet and have a whiskey or beer,
an island owned by me or a member, we stick together with TRYBE, you see.

Cheers for now my member friends, Admin, Devs and of course Tom.

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks my friend, yeah this was just a challenge from big Mike, not my favorite.
      But I appreciate you always dropping by to catch a read. Yeah the rules can be tough on a person, LOL
      Book – Not sure buddy, maybe one day if I retire and have nothing else to do.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks my friend, Big Mike challenged me to do this, so here we go.
      Personally I think I could have done better. But appreciate you reading and commenting bud.
      Mark (Zeus69)