Some of you EOS fan boys might of noticed you received 31 ZKS token the other day  (it might still be on going so dont panic every account is getting the airdrop) and might be thinking what the heck is ZKS and why 31 tokens. Well i can answer what ZKS tokens are but have no idea why 31 token  were airdropped.

What is ZKS

ZKS is a token that is redeemable for 3 hours of CPU/NET bandwidth staking.  Its a simple concept you send 1 token to them on the website (picture below) and in return you will receive 0.9 EOS of CPU and 0.1 EOS of NET staked to your account for 3 hours. Personally this has come at a good time as my second account i use to log into all things dodgy doesn’t seem to be keeping up with my EOS Knights lately. Anyone else notice you dont get as much CPU bandwidth as before? (i only have 10 EOS staked). Anyway back to the review the idea is to make it super easy for Dapps to offer extra bandwidth to customers whom might need it to play there game. Something like BetDice i could see offering ZKS.


Initial supply  1 billion

Max supply 10 billion

Inflation rate is set at 5% per Annam

31 Tokens will be airdropped frequently to all EOS accounts with more the 0.1 EOS so no need to HODL tokens.

Token Economics 

How can they afford the RAM for consistent airdrops well that is simple its not actually an airdrop its an “airclaim” looks to me that they send you the tokens but then you need to claim them to actually have them i tested it out and it takes up RAM 0.24 KB so the same as a normal airgrab. So its an airgrab with a fancy name. They also plan on making deals with dapp so i guess they can sell them and they will probably get listed on exchanges.  As mentioned in the white paper if ZKS is in high demand you are not guaranteed to get the extra bandwidth due to limited resources.

Road Map



Its a good idea that will help alot of people including myself. Unless you are having constant problems with bandwidth then i wouldn’t bother airclaiming ZKS as its just eats up RAM, better off using CPU emergence for one offs.

Website HERE

Cryptoslice Facebook HERE

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