Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs) currently hold a capitalistic image in the crypto-community due to their current and past use cases which is not so much of a surprise as we currently live in a world dominated with capitalism. A Democratic Socialist society could utilize DAOs by allowing the people to own the “businesses” that they work for and profit fairly from the value they provide. (people working for themselves, and in turn their community instead of a detached governmental entity which has been seen in previous implementations of socialism/marxism(USSR authoritarian brand of socialism) incentivised by the idea of game theory)

Essentially the “zone” would be one DAO that has the potential to be separated into smaller internal DAO’s owned by the citizens of the “zone” and funding the production of materials for the “zone” in a completely trustless manner due to the guaranteed nature of the blockchain.

Different zones could trade with one another therefore creating economic growth and increasing product differentiation(one of the main issues of Socialism historically is lack of product choice) through means of democratic decisions on the distributed ledger as well as instant, decentralized transfer of value.

People of the “zone” could make and vote on any proposal in the “zones” DAO structure, the DAO would provide funding to all facets of industry democratically and sell off excess products to other “zones” after the population of the original “zone” has been satisfied (there is no centralized point of decision making allowing the control of all wealth to be decided by a democratic quorum of the people).

The DAO would take care of healthcare, education, correctional facilities and all other services needed by the population of a “zone”. These said services and the costs of these services will be decided upon by means of voting inside the “zones” DAO voting platform. In a country such as Australia these services are not decided upon by a pure democracy and are currently provided inefficiently by non-incentivised government employees. Decisions made about such would be completely up to the people and would be in the best interest of the people to operate these extremely efficiently as they are incentivised by a higher living standard which comes about when money/time is saved. These are essentially the benefits of privatisation in our current model but without the capitalist that could potentially run the service at the detriment of the people and leak wealth from the community(also known as centralization). (This could potentially solve another traditional vice of socialism is the lack of incentivisation for people to actually provide value to the community, this is caused by autocratic rule and centralization).

“Zone” boundaries are theoretically not limited to geographic areas although this subject is open to debate and could cause complication. This will be extensively touched upon in later posts.


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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Now your taking,,,, implament you system of ZONED DAO,,,, for the “service industries”,,,, and implament the TRMS (Transitional Resource Monetary System) to promote goods production of the highest possible recyclable content…. and BAM !!!! We have a NEW WORLD ECONOMIC system outside of all governments and banks. I LOVE IT.

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